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  1. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body?

    @orangefj45 Did the 200 notice any improvement in MPG? How was it modded (gears/tires/weight)? My 2013 is heavily armored on 285/75R17s (33-34”) with stock gears and gets 12-13 mpg. I have a set of time 4.88s that will be going in soon, that will give it close to the same effective ratio as...
  2. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body for A343F?

    Has anyone got the HD Nomad (Wholesale Automatic Transmissions) valve body kit VB5-343 (A343F paired to 1FZ) from Cruiser Brothers? I found one thread from a couple of years ago with 5 posts...
  3. jbuswim

    Long Range Automotive Install

    Short Version... Got an LRA 40 gallon tank from Cruiser Brothers. Totally worth it! Getting about 475 miles on one tank. I lose a couple inches of clearance but Im not a rock crawler and the extended range is worth it. Long Version... I have an 01 Cruiser. 33 in tires, rock sliders, OME med...
  4. wardharris


    Here is a repost from the 120 Forum - but all this good news applies to 150 / GX 460 as well! Get the full story at or :)
  5. wardharris


    LEXUS GX LOVE HARROP / EATON ELOCKER TRAIL REPORT LEXUS TRAIL EDITION Cruiser Brothers, LLC customer Matt Branson put a HARROP/EATON ELOCKER in his 2004 GX 470 with the help of gear guru Ken "Zuk" Francisco of Toyota Gear Installs. Here is his report: "The GX with the rear Elocker performed...
  6. wardharris

    Terrain Tamer High Performance Brakes

    Last year, Terrain Tamer launched a family of high performance brake products for Land Cruisers - from late 40s through 60, 70, 80, 100 and 200 Series - along with FJ Cruisers. During 2016 we saw many installations in all of these vehicles and more are going out the door to our partner shops...
  7. wardharris

    Harrop Eaton ELockerTM / Info / Installation

    NOW THAT THESE BEAUTIES ARE LANDING IN NORTH AMERICA........ It has been suggested that we set up a thread (or series of threads) on the Harrops as installed and in use by any/all Harrop owners. We could try and post up in each of the series forums, but there are installation issues that...
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