1. O

    craigslist  no longer available

    No longer available
  2. D

    Do I need a Steering cooler

    up grading our 67 restoration with a mini truck power steering conversion, boy those boxes are hard to find, just got one. We are using 33 inch tires, do we need a power steering cooler?
  3. G

    Transmission Cooler Upgrade

    With the summer heat in full swing lately here in California I have been noticing my transmission temperatures go fairly high (monitored with Torque Pro, not towing). On level roads going about 30-40 mph I see 200 to 210 F (in D and 4) and over 220 to 240 F when going up mountain roads and good...
  4. athensrep

    For Sale  12V Engel Fridge/freezer SOLD

    Has some cracks in the plastic and dings but cools like it should. It's around 20 years old and holds a 12 pack. I've never tried the freezer function. Comes with Aussie AC cord, DC cord and a small inverter for US AC. Been stored inside. Really don't want to ship it as it's heavy. $175
  5. J

    Wanted  Exhaust Manifold Pipe Nut

    Does anyone have the following "J" pipe nut shown in the picture below?
  6. J

    Power Steering Cooler - Replacement

    I just spent a couple evenings working on my 1994 Land Cruiser. The power steering cooler had some pretty bad corrosion/rust that lead to a leak in the "paper clip" cooler. To help the next guy I wanted to let you know what all needs to done to replace the cooler with an OEM part or like me, a...
  7. Racer65

    Wanted  Oil Cooler Hose

    Looking for this hose that runs from the water pump to the oil cooler on '76 to '80 FJ40 with oil cooler. It's part 15777 in the diagram.
  8. g-man

    ozark expedition 52 qt cooler

    I just bought an ozark expedition 52 qt cooler at walmart. It's basically a Yeti rip-off, roto-mold cooler. I paid 147.00. It seems to be built to last a lifetime (kept out of the sun). While this seems pricy it is cheap compared to yeti at around 400.00. Looking at this site/thread Ozark...
  9. Randy88FJ62

    Verify Oil Cooler Hose P/N please?

    There is a horizontal hose that attaches to the Oil Cooler. I want to replace it and was hoping someone could verify I found the correct one. It's a straight hose, no fancy turns. OEM Hose for 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser|90445-18085 : Toyota Parts Online | Olathe Toyota Parts Center I realize the...
  10. nukegoat

    Automatic transmission cooler barb corroded

    Anyone else had this happen? The lower barb on my at cooler is almost corroded through. The top one looks completely fine. Is there a drop in new replacement that anyone has used instead of the oem? @beno whats a new one of these cost?
  11. J

    ATF fluid change. Does my LC have a oil cooler or not.

    I just hit about 80,000miles on my 2010 cruiser and want to do a ATF change. Im looking up parts at grapevine toyota and other places I usually order from and they have two options for the pan. One with and one without a LC oil cooler. Its a non us version LC. Here is my VIN JTMHT06JXA6062361...
  12. SW20

    Wanted  FJ40 Power Steering cooler

    Looking for stock FJ40 Power Steering cooler for 1979-1983. I have everything else but this.
  13. 350HJ75

    Can someone ID this 3B oil cooler / oil filter housing?

    I purchased this oil cooler and downward facing oil filter housing combo anticipating a turbo on my 3B from a wrecker off the shelf hence an unknown 3B or B series engine variant. Can anyone tell me what it is from?? and why it seems to be missing the oil lines to the vacuum pump on the back of...
  14. ewillis

    RTH...Dumb Question About Cooler Line Routing Bottom of Radiator

    Finishing up new radiator install. I have one of the cooler lines between the frame rail and bottom of the radiator. Are both lines supposed to be together routed outside/in front of the radiator? Not much room, and my memory didn't take note when I pulled the old rad out. Pic 1 shows the line...
  15. JWhitley12

    Wanted  FJ62 Transmission Cooler lines

    I'm looking for the front two lines (soft lines) that connect to the radiator. They are discontinued by Toyota and my local shop can't make them so I'm stuck looking for a good used set. Anyone have any? Thanks
  16. ThePatient1

    Trans cooler lines severed! But no leaking...?!

    Truck is a '94 fzj-80 U.S spec. So I was doing a little inspecting around my truck and figuring out routing of hoses and such just to get more familiar with things...Take a look at the below photos: Both lines from the trans cooler look like they've been cut!? Return and sending line...
  17. T

    Power Steering Cooler Help

    The paper clip is rusted pretty bad and leaking so the time has come. Going to go with the Derale Dual pass cooler mounted to the frame. This is the model I am going to go with: Derale 13263 Dual Pass Aluminum Heat Sink Cooler: Automotive I want to eliminate the metal bends on...
  18. red66toy

    FJ62 tranny cooler line fitting size help

    Does anyone know the fitting size of the transmission cooler hardlines on the FJ62? They are bigger than the 14mm fittings that go into the radiator. Trying to finish up my aux cooler install and Want to order the correct AN- fitting adapter. Thanks for any help!
  19. D

    2F oil cooler

    I'd like to add an oil cooler to a 2F. The factory setups seem to be uncommon and on the expensive side (compared to a cooler I already have) since the oil tap at the filter is pressurized. Am I looking in the wrong place (ebay)? Is there an easy way to tap into the unpressurized side of the...
  20. Raad

    Oil cooler for late model 1FZ-FE

    Hello guys Im building a stroker 105mm 1FZ-FE with lots of goods and Im gonna punch the hell out of it so im wondering if I need to have an oil cooler kit similar to this one?: Hayden Fluid Coolers 1040 what is your thought guys? should I just buy a kit? or just make my own one like buying a...
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