control arm

  1. B


    So I just was told I have a loose control arm or something on the front driver side and it wouldn’t allow them to align to tires. Would now be the time to go for a 2” lift or something in that range. Or just replace to control arm.
  2. DEENO88

    Axle Replacement

    Hi there, I recently purchased a 2001 Lexus LX 470. The CV boots are leaky. I’m looking into cvj axles. They seem like the best option for affordability and quality. Im wanting to replace the control arms as well. Does anyone have any resources for both these repairs? videos or part numbers...
  3. Sykoslug

    For Sale Las Vegas: 100 series spare tire cross member & hoist,stock suspension parts, plus OME 2865 rear springs

    Hello mudders, Up for sale: Spare Tire cross member and Hoist- $150 stock factory oem front Upper Control Arms- $75 Stock front differential cross member -$50 Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms- $200 for all 4 arms. Toyota/Tokico front shocks w/approx 30K miles on them. $50/pair Stock torsion...
  4. bigredmachine

    For Sale upper and lower 4runner rear contorl arms in nj

    I have a set of both upper and lower control arms available, both came off of an axle that was swapped. bushings are in good condition, arms are straight and came off of a truck had the axle replaced due to a bad rear. 50 for either upper or lower and 80 for both plus shipping if you want to go...
  5. onemudder

    LX470 FRONT shock absorber bushing/cushion metal on metal scraping with every turn of the wheel at this point

    2001 LX470 here. I was reading an earlier post about the rear shock bushings....( Rear shock absorber bushing/cushion ) got me thinking to post about my Front bushings -- I think the bushing/cushion metal is so worn away that I'm getting metal scraping with every turn of the wheel . Here's a...
  6. 2

    Front end squeak - upper/lower control arms. Toyota dealership vs local

    My front suspension and steering have started getting really squeaky. Took it to Toyota dealership and their diagnosis was that upper and lower control arms and ball joints all need replacing. They quoted me $4k for the work. Local shop will do the lot for $1.2k but with ISG (international...
  7. H

    For Sale 40,55,60,80 misc. parts NV

    I have an assortment of parts for sale. These are all new items. Parts are raw steel, ready for paint or powder except 80 drop brackets, they are red powder. This is some surplus stock I acquired from a manufacture, they have never been installed. Parts are located in Southern Nevada. I only...
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