1. ScoutsOut

    For Sale  97 OEM Springs

    Original spring takeoffs from '97 fzj80 with around 160k miles. Free heights of fronts are 19.5" (purple/green/white) and 19" (purple/blue/white) Free heights of rears are 19" (double yellow/yellow? And double pink(red?)/yellow(or orange?)) Sorry not totally sure of colors on coding dots...
  2. C

    Wanted  Oem 80 series coils

    Looking for a set of factory or no lift front 7-8 wrap coil springs off a 91-97. Must be wlling to ship to Edmonton Alberta. Thanks
  3. B

    SOLD  Fj80 stock coil springs

    Set of four oem coil springs from 1994 80 series. Good used condition. Upgraded to ome springs . 100$ plus shipping. Can include rear shocks (oem tokico) for free if needed.
  4. B

    SOLD  Fj80 stock coil springs

    Set of four oem coil springs from 1994 80 series. Good used condition. Upgraded to ome springs . 100$ plus shipping. Can include rear shocks (oem tokico) for free if needed.
  5. A

    For Sale  Fzj80 coils 150k miles

    For sale: front and rear coils from a 1997 fzj80. All are in good shape. Will ship. $200 for Front; $200 for rear. Will sell set for $350. Buyer pays shipping.
  6. JackAttack13

    For Sale  100 Series Rear Coil Spacers

    Selling a set of 30mm rear coil spacers. Used for about 2 months before upgrading to HD coils. Asking 40.00. Will ship at your cost. Located in Denver.
  7. 21jacob21

    Wanted  WTB FJ80/LX450 Front Coils CO

    I am looking to buy front coils from an FJ80/LX450. I am trying to part together a lift for my 3rd Gen 4Runner. Preferably 8-wrap coils with lower miles and no rust. I am located in Northern Colorado. I'm willing to pick them up pretty much anywhere in Colorado or can pay shipping if out of...
  8. JackAttack13

    For Sale  OME 2865 Coil Springs - 100 Series

    I have a set of barely used OME 2865 coil springs off of my 1999 100 Series. Used for about 4 months, went on one trip and realized they were not up to the task of carrying a fully loaded rig, with rear bumper etc. Upgraded to a heavier spring. Asking 100 bucks. Located in Lone Tree, CO...
  9. dr_dobro

    For Sale  93 80 series front 8 wrap coils NY

    asking $50 plus the ride Located in NY 11787
  10. Wookie95

    Wanted  80 series OME HEAVY COILS

    Rig is now loaded with a lot of armor and I am looking for someone to trade or sell. I have medium coils 2.5" lift and looking for heavies. (Sorry, dont have the 8## number off hand.)
  11. OmarTrd

    Wanted  fzj80 front 8 wraps coils

    in search of91 97 8wraps front coils im located in fl 32810 willing to pay shipping
  12. savirc

    For Sale  EMU 866 coils

    For Sale 866 EMU coils. These are 1.5" over stock heavy springs, for a leveled look. Used a little over a year on a 100 series. Prefer to sale local to Houston, TX but will ship at buyers expense. $80 bucks plus ride. Thanks!
  13. love2fly

    For Sale  Distributors and coils

    I have two in very good working condition Toyota distributors. One is stock from a 1980 FJ40 2F Land Cruiser, the other a 2F Toyota Land Cruiser dizzy. Also two coils that were working and two resistors and one coil with box from the 1980 FJ40. The 1980 dizzy was rebuilt with new bushing...
  14. BTG88

    Petronix Coils

    PO was running a Flamethrower coil in my '75. I have a new epoxy Flamethrower II to swap in - but are they interchangeable? The biggest difference that I can see, besides an extra 5,000 volts, is the resistance is about half in the Flamethrower II. Thanks
  15. ceylonfj40nut

    Wanted  OME 861/862 coils

    Looking for used stock height OME coils if some is oarting with them. Will consider 2.5 in lift coils as well.
  16. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  200 series rear coils - $50

    For sale: Factor rear coils from a 2009 200 series. $50 ** I also have factor front coilovers, upper control arms and rear shocks. PM if interested I dont have the heart to throw these in the dumpster...yet. Toyota Land Cruiser - 200 series rear coil springs - URJ200
  17. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  100 series rear coils - $50

    Factor rear coils from a 2004. Toyota Land Cruiser - 100 series UZJ100 rear coil springs
  18. IoN6

    For Sale  Misc. 80 Parts (coils, shocks, spacers, hitch, rear mat, hub caps)

    Have some parts that I have removed and no longer need. Would prefer face to face in the Denver area, but can ship everything but the rear mat and trailer hitch. Off a 93 with 175k, no idea on the age of the shocks though. Stock (I believe) front coils - $40/pair Front shocks (missing one set...
  19. Cruiserhead05

    craigslist  Old Man Emu (OME) 80 series coils

    Moved to a bigger spring. Selling these. Shipping is not very economical so would prefer local pickup. Old Man Emu OME lift springs land cruiser
  20. Bad80

    Dobinsons 4" Flexi Coils

    Hello everyone! two month ago I was looking to upgrade the rear suspension on my 93 80 series and found out that Dobinsons' springs were being sold here in the US. I was very interested in the 4" coils to replace my OME J springs. After talking to David from Dobinsons, I was set on the new 4"...
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