1. Navyator

    A/C blows cold but with clicking sound and rpm changes

    Hey all, My A/C never worked while in Japan, but it was hardly ever an issue with the climate there. When I came back to the states, however, I got the system recharged and it has been working great ever since (year and a half). Unfortunately, the compressor started to go and finally failed...
  2. 808Cruising

    Click-Click-No Boom

    Hello everyone! I have an 80 series that's been acting up lately. For a few weeks it has been giving me a hard time in terms of hesitating to start or just clicking. I took the battery to get tested and was told that: 1. The battery is incorrect and not powerful enough (thanks O'Reilly); 2...
  3. R

    turn signal/hazard click in gear shifter

    so I've been doing a whole bunch of work on my land cruiser and i just put all new led's in the dash. when i assembled it i turned on the hazards to make sure they were working. when i did that there was a click in the safety lock for the gear shifter and every time the lights blinked the shift...
  4. LCFJ80inLA

    Wanted  fj80 inner and outer axle

    That's right! And looking for advice This is my daily driver with around 700 miles per month and plan to do light wheeling and camping Etc with 2.5 ome (will install in a month) w/ 33s for now!!!! I'm pretty sure what's going to be said. But I'm trying(lol) to drop as little money as possible...
  5. J

    Bj73 wont start/crank

    Hey guys long time lurker, first time poster! Searched the forums but no avail, hoping this is in the right section! I recently installed a new alternator in my 3b Land Cruiser after it sat for a couple of months, jump started her and moved to the driveway, turned it off and thought to myself...
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