1. trek931

    SOLD  Boulder CO - 2020 LC200 Heritage TRD Wheels & Tires

    For sale are the factory BBS bronze TRD wheels and tires pulled from a 2020 LC200 Heritage today. ~650 miles on them, perfect condition. $2000 and prefer local pickup Denver/Boulder area.
  2. B

    Wanted  85 4runner

    Located out in central Texas but willing to either travel for the right deal or pay the shipping charge to ship it down. I’m looking for an 85 t4r with the solid front axle and preferably the 22re. As far as the condition goes I’m not looking for some unicorn collectors vehicle,just looking...
  3. Manchild

    For Sale  FJ60, dream machine

    Greetings all, We’ve decided to sell most of our earthly possessions and purchase an expedition RV (unimog) and go for an around the world bid over the next 18 months with my wife and three young kids. As such, I’m listing our 60 for sale. It’s a 1983, 150,000+\- miles, runs beautifully...
  4. jurassic cruiser

    For Sale  $300 no rips or tears front seats from 1991 jdm 80 series will fit US spec first gen 80 series

    I got these seats in my 1991 hdj81 - Japanese spec 80 series diesel. They are pretty clean although there are a few stains on the passenger seat. the driver seat has electric lumbar and manual adjustable side bolster. Also you can manually adjust the seat angle and the head rest angle. The...
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