1. S

    How long is too long? (oil service history)

    Hey all, Longtime lurker here. I am finally about ready to join the ranks and purchase my first Cruiser. I'm looking at a 100 series because I want something I won't mind covering great distances with and I really like the power of the 4.7. My Dad purchased a 100 series new in '99 and still has...
  2. big dump


    Can someone run a carfax for me? Looking to buy a 98 or 99. Found one with a bunch of miles, but decent price and doesn't look too bad. VIN: JT3HT05J4W0004500
  3. N

    I have 4 Carfax reports, anyone need??

    Just found an 80 I'm going to buy next week. Screwed up buying Carfax and bought 5 of them. So I have 4 that I don't need. PM me and I'll get you the info. Going out of town this weekend, so I might be slow with response. Jeff
  4. grando

    Considering 2011 LX, anyone with a free carfax appreciated

    I am looking to buy a 2011 lx570 but wanted to see the carfax. If anyone has a free one to give it would be appreciated. Longtime 100 guy looking to move up to the 200! Thanks
  5. ncsumd

    Anyone have an extra Carfax available?

    Want to run a Tundra I found. 5TBDT48176S543793 Thanks
  6. DeeRex

    I too...have a Carfax

    so just like the offer @GLTHFJ60 made... I bought the unlimited Carfax and have one left (read: bought the wife a GX). I have one VIN remaining and unlimited license plates till next month. Post up and I'll run for you. PM me your email and I'll fwd it along. And I'd rather keep this to...
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