1. 4runnin2

    For Sale  Cincinnati lexus lx450 center caps

    $35 each shipped. All 5 $150 shipped. Spring cleaning. All are in excellent shape.
  2. jtcolumbia

    Wanted  2 factory center caps for FZJ-80

    Hi. I am in need of 2 factory center caps for 1997 FZJ-80 16” aluminum wheels. Will be painted so do not care about fade etc. Shipped to 17517. Or pick up in eastern Pa, Md, Del.etc. Thank you for the help!
  3. jtcolumbia

    Wanted  Center caps for 1997 FZJ80

    Hi looking for OEM center caps for 16" factory wheels. Someone wanted mine more than me last night. ☹️ The ones or type like in the picture. Any color is ok just want factory. Thanks!
  4. B

    Factory bumper end caps

    Evening, Does anyone know if the factory bumper end caps come painted directly from Toyota? This was the case when i purchased and end cap for an FJ Cruiser several years back. Mine are looking rough on the 80 series I am restoring and I am weighing my options moving forward. Steel bumpers...
  5. torpedo51

    FJ62: want to replace these center caps on my wheels

    Forgive my ignorance, I don't know the history of these wheels... whether they are typical upgrade for these trucks, if they have special fitment on the backside, etc. I'd like to replace the center caps since they appear to be rusty (not worth rechroming). Anyone have an idea where to get these?
  6. woytovich

    Radiator caps

    Can anyone please tell me the difference between 16401-41021 and 16401-54750 mark
  7. D

    For Sale  St. Louis, MO: 16" OEM wheels (4), with caps & lug nuts

    4 OEM 16 inch wheels from a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser. Not perfect, but good for an extra set, and/or refinish Includes 4 center caps and 20 lug nuts. Located in St. Louis, MO Will ship at buyers expense, but I need to get some boxes before I can provide accurate shipping costs Will accept...
  8. M

    For Sale  16" OEM wheels, set of 4, includes caps & lug nuts

    4 OEM Factory 16 inch wheels off a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. Includes Michelin LTX M/s tires 275/70R16 of which two are decent and other two are no good. Also included are 4 hub caps and 21 lug nuts. Located in NOVA/DC/MD area. Cash only. No Shipping. Asking $500 for everything
  9. AlaskanWheeler

    New ERA TLCA Stretch fit caps

    Anyone from TLCA thought that a simple cap with the classic TLCA logo on the front be a good seller? I for one would buy them... Stretch - Products | New Era
  10. love2fly

    Wanted  Front axle selector hub covers as from factory.

    Looking for a set of factory outer axle selector hub covers that use to be on the front of the FJ40/45/55 instead of a locking hubs. Thanks area 83686
  11. Irish Reiver

    Flare End Caps

    Last week i installed my 4x4 Labs rear bumper. I went with the rear mud flaps but after 1 week i think they look hideous. I plan on removing them this weekend. I also binned the running boards as part of my remodel so now i am looking for a solution to make the flare look finished. A search...
  12. ibis1969

    Early FJ60 Hub Caps / Front Door Jamb grommet

    Looking for IH8MUD collective knowledge on the following: I've attached a photo of two early FJ60 OEM rear hubcaps. I believe starting in 1985 Toyota used black caps on the rear with 'Toyota' on them. These are still available from Toyota. However, the early style rear caps are nearly...
  13. B

    Bearing Caps and Connecting Rod Caps

    Gents, Ordered my oversize pistons today and have a question. It's been a while since the original pistons were removed and I am not sure of the orientation of the Bearing caps for the Piston and Bearing caps for the crankshaft. As you know there is a seat (indentation) on the bearing on the...
  14. Ellison

    Dash Cap FJ60 - Installation

    read several threads about the caps and seems most people are happy with the Cruiser Corp version. They are sold out and the Cool Crusier version looks identical, even the price. Two Questions: 1. Anyone have the Cool Crusiers version that have pros or cons? FJ60 Original Style Dash Cover 2...
  15. Strand4x4

    Will these Tundra Wheels Fit My 2002 100 Series?

    I have searched the forum and I have not seen these wheels on a 100 series. I know most Tundra wheels fit, but I want to be sure before I buy these. I think they may be Tundra 1794 or Platinum series. Also, if anyone has them installed, I would love to see a pic. Eric
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