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  1. A

    SOLD  Fj40 brake booster later model

    Used brake booster-oem-works. Toyota reference part #44610-60050. $50.
  2. S

    Brake Booster Constantly Running

    Howdy y'all. I'm a new fresh GX470 owner, bought a 2003 a couple weeks ago. There's a periodic chugging/cycling noise coming from the brake booster/accumulator/reservoir area that happens constantly when the ignition is turned to ON or the vehicle is running. Brakes work fine and there are no...
  3. aphil

    For Sale  1999 lx470 Master Cylinder Assembly

    The motor went out on my master cylinder assembly booster pump motor and Toyota replaced the entire assembly rather than just the motor. Toyota said it was the motor that failed and the rest of the assembly was in good working order. My plan was to have pump rebuilt with a new motor and then...
  4. EscapeWagon62

    FJ62 Brakes - three things that really improved mine

    I’ve been trying to get good braking performance on my truck since I bought it a little over a year ago. I figured I”d share some of this adventure in the hopes that it helps someone out. Obviously start by adjusting rear drums properly and bleed all four corners plus the LSPV 1. Brake...
  5. GMSilk_Fj60

    Fj80 booster + T100 master + 4Runner calipers + Fj60 drums

    The title describes my set up. Fj80 booster + T100 brake master + 4Runner calipers + Fj60 drums I put it all together and took it for a drive. It feels good for a bit then the brakes started dragging. About 10 miles into my drive I start down a large hill and smoke the front calipers. Small...
  6. rockclmbr

    For Sale  100 Series

    I have a used brake booster/ABS/Master Cylinder system from a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. It needs to be re-built with seals as the pedal was going to the floor before it was replaced. I saved it hoping someone could use some of the parts and save $$. It is free if you come get it or pay...
  7. E

    Is this brake line suppose to be missing? Help!

    Hey All, I was doing my valve gaskets on the drivers side and was spending some up close time with the brake master and noticed that one of the lines is either capped off or was removed by the PO.. based on the photos below, can you tell me if this is supposed to be this way .....or was my PO...
  8. Plantman

    Brake booster works intermittently

    Hi, I recently acquired my dad's 1977 FJ40, which has sat for the last 8 years. We got it running, and we've had an interesting time with the brakes. It has a brand new master cylinder and the system is very well bled. At times it feels like the brake booster works great, at other times it does...
  9. kwest

    Brake lines or master cylinder?

    Weird story, but I'll proceed. On Thanksgiving night, I had my FJ62 broken into. They damaged the lock cylinders on the hatch and the driver-side door, and eventually entered by breaking the rear, driver-side door window. Long story,short, I booked an appt with A Touch of Glass for the window...
  10. Darb

    For Sale  Fzj80 brake booster check valve and vacuum line

    1996 fzj80 brake booster check valve and vacuum line. Worked great at time of replacement 1 month ago. $25 +shipping
  11. efbanks

    Wanted  Oem brake booster for 97 80 series.

    Looking for an oem replacement working brake booster for my 97 fzj80. Not wanting to break the bank for a brand new oem as they are quite pricey. Let me know what price you are willing to sell a used one at. Thanks
  12. ffl3883

    Question on 1999 LX470 Hydraulic Brake Booster

    Hello, I always notice a buzz sound for about 10 sec long from the accumulator whenever after I press brake pedal 3-4 times. Could any Guru explain whats going on ? I am just wondering if the buzz sound and frequency is normal. How do I know if my hydraulic brake booster is failing besides...
  13. M

    Brake Booster Mystery

    Hopefully someone can help me out with this one. Currently I do not have brake assist on my 1985 FJ-60 meaning it more coasts to a stop than actual braking. This truck sat for 14 years so I am running in to a lot of weird things. I just finished doing a valve job due to a stuck intake valve...
  14. RyRoRyan

    Possible Brake booster issue

    Dont have my cruiser with me so I dont have my FSM with me either. However I am pretty sure that I have a booster problem and was going to grab the part on the way home but wanted to confirm with yall first to confirm my suspicions. Brakes do work better when engine is running than not. (I...
  15. suntrakr

    Brake booster upgrade for '81 fJ with front disc conversion

    Any recommendations for best bang for buck brake booster upgrade? currently running OEM booster (i think) but running a front axle/disc conversion (poss 60series). About to do a frame off to sort the chassis and keen to improve brakes if poss. Any recommendations?
  16. rkymtnflyfisher

    SOLD  Brake Booster from a 73

    Pulled from a 73 FJ40 I parted, seemed to work fine when the 40 was running. I opened it up and cleaned it, looked great, no tears, rubber was like brand new. $100 plus the ride from 21782
  17. 73tlcv8

    For Sale  FJ40 brake booster in NC

    Booster SOLD I removed this booster from my truck when I swapped in the front disc brakes. It worked great when removed. Asking $100 plus shipping.
  18. wngrog

    Adding a new Brake Booster to an early Non-booster FJ-40

    I bought a new brake booster from @Racer65 and finally worked up the nerve to install it. Dual Diaphragm Disc Brake Booster for Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ55 FJ60 My firewall is Swiss cheese from the original master to the 4 bolt non-ABS 80 master I was trying to make work non boosted. Well...
  19. V

    For Sale  Fzj80 new Toyota brake booster in So Cal.

    Have a new Toyota brake booster for 1993/1997 FZJ80 part #44610 60792 in so cal. Will let it go for 300.00.
  20. pardion

    For Sale  [CA] FJ40/45/55 1978ish Brake Booster

    Worked when I pulled it over 20 years ago, selling as core, with check valve. Good to have an extra to send out for rebuild to eliminate some downtime $65.00 plus shipping. Please PM Thanks, John
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