1. T

    For Sale Black Tuffy Series II 6.5in Wide Security Console

    I am selling my Tuffy Series II 6.5" Wide Black Security Console that was installed in my 84 FJ60. Here are the specs: Exterior Dimensions: 24" L (includes cup holder) x 6 1/2" W (cup holder is 8" W) x 18 1/2" H (includes 4" mounting bracket), 3 1/2" Holes for drinks Interior Dimensions: (Length...
  2. Aldog

    Are all 40 series transfer cases compatible?

    G'day. Recently I bought an 82 HJ47 Landcruiser, my second 40 series cruiser. The transfer case is rooted and now the outputs shaft flops around like nothing else and the only gear that goes in is 4L (they go in but they grind and do all sorts of s***. Also the case itslef is cracked.) I...
  3. dr_dobro

    For Sale 94 (80 series) steering box NY

    Box appears to be in good shape. Not removing the pitman arm. Asking $85 plus the ride
  4. CurtB

    Steering Gear Box for Rent? :)

    Any of y'all have a spare steering gearbox laying around that I could rent, while I send my leaky one off to West Texas? Also, I vaguely remember a couple more options for folks doing the rebuild...anyone remember?
  5. dkdnt232

    For Sale ****sold****mini power steering box from 1982 hilux 4x4 truck (92335)

    hello guys, i am selling a power steering box from a mini truck. it was removed from a running truck that was upgraded to the crossover steering. the box turns freely and comes with pitman arm, low pressure fitting, and stock mini pedestal. i am asking *****it's been sold***** including the...
  6. Rockatansky

    Wanted Dashman Box

    Testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in selling their Dashman Box, I just found out that Mark isn't making any more. Located in Western PA.
  7. RFB

    For Sale New In Box SMITTYBILT XCR9500

    NEVER OPENED, UPPED MINE TO A 12K. This is brand new 2017 and comes with everything you would expect including synthetic rope. 350.00 you pay shipping or pick it up. 508 718 8253 richie
  8. RFB

    For Sale new in box DEPO Headlights

    ****SOLD****I dont need them so If you do here ya go. These are for a 97 land cruiser/lx450 only opened one headlight other is still sealed, never instaled 10/10 SOLD plus shipping CONUS please
  9. wngrog

    Rebuilding FJ55 Manual Steering Box

    Has anyone done this lately? Mine is leaking pretty bad on my 77 even with the syrup thick Lucas fluid in it. If so, who sells the seals? I looked in the usual places with nothing listed.
  10. 69LC

    Welded Pitman arm, Saginaw box

    I got to meet a fellow MI Cruiser owner yesterday. He has a really nice truck that he bought from someone in WA. As I was checking it out I noticed that the pitman arm on the Saginaw steering box looked like the drag link side (front to rear portion) of the stock 40 center link. My gut...
  11. Adrigan

    What Steering Box Do I have?

    So I got a '76FJ40 about 3 weeks ago. Since then I've changed all the fluids, Tie rods, Parking Brake, Fixed a crap load of electrical issues. Now I'm onto rebuilding the power steering since it is all wet down there. From this wonderful forum I know there is Saginaw, minitruck, ETC. However...
  12. Aloha Jen

    AC Evaporator box install advice needed

    Need some AC experts to give a bit of advice on the best way to get the AC evaporator box installed. How much of the dash needs to come out? Have the glove box out already, but it will not fit in. Do these other AC parts it hooks up to on both sides need to be loosened? Removed? Does the...
  13. Joshau

    mystery black box on firewall

    Bought a nice rust free, 119k mile '95 FZJ80 a couple months ago that didn't come with the keyless entry fobs but oddly had zero key scratches around any of the door locks, making me think it had to have keyless entry at some point or owners with surgeon-like steadiness in their hands...
  14. D

    Warn M8000 Solenoid Box Help

    Can someone tell me what's going on here? I'd been having trouble with my winch/remote operating, and on further inspection noticed one of the pins on the solenoid box is deeper than the rest. See the pic below - the 'female' pin on the bottom of the picture is sunken deeper than the others...
  15. C

    Need help with Steering box install

    I just got a rebuilt steering box from CruiserParts. Got it all installed but when I went to hook up the lines the return line hole was too small. The high pressure line went in with no problem but the return line hole is too small. Can I just get a new return line with a smaller fitting...
  16. Dedtruk

    For Sale '72 FJ40 tool box lid & fuel line cover in southern NJ, USA

    The toolbox lid was sandblasted last year but picked up some surface rust in the interim. It's still in very nice condition. I found the pictured fuel line thing in a '72 parts rig a loooong time ago and assume (yes, I know) that its FJ40 but who knows? I also have the upper hardtop piece...
  17. NYIronPig

    Wanted 4 Speed Glove Box Shift Plate

    Swapping the 3-speed for a 4-speed in my FJ40. Want to also swap the glove box shift place for the one that matches the new trans. Anyone have one?
  18. Fireguy615

    100 owners, show me your rooftop cargo box

    I am in the process of starting to prep for the summer road trip season and I am in the market for a Yakima/Thule rooftop box. I would like to see what makes/models the 100 owners are using, if at all. I know the overlander way is to lash gear to the top of their rigs reminiscent of The...
  19. johm73

    30 Cal Ammo Box - Free

    My son and I won this at the Camelback Toyota event about 2 years ago. Many folks there seemed interested in it and we never use it. I figured I'll post it here for free before it hits the trash. PM me and come get it if you want. 30CalBox1 by johm73 posted Apr 12, 2017 at 9:20 AM30CalBox2...
  20. W

    For Sale Unimog 404 RADIO BOX - Just the box

    In good shape, doors all work nice, good base for a resto or use as is. Little banged up and weathered but not bad. Located in Victoria BC. email or text 250 883 3011 Thomas
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