1. A

    For Sale  New Zealand- 13BT engine, gearbox with transfercase and PTO unit for sale

    Hi, I have a 13BT engine which needs a rebuild as one of the piston chipped on the edge. I has the gearbox with transfer case and also has the PTO attached. The gearbox is still in good condition. Comes out of 1988 Toyota BJ74. Done 250.000km. power steering and alternator rebuild by previous...
  2. J

    adjust rev limiter

    hey everyone this is probably a dumb question but is there any way to adjust the rev limiter in a toyota 3b and/or a 1hz? cheers
  3. Onur

    Part Picture Request: 24V Fusible Link

    Hi: Need a bit of assistance if anyone has any time. Looking for a picture of an OEM, non-molested fusible link preferably from a 24v 7x series truck. It would be on the positive terminal of the "positive" battery-- one closest to the firewall on the LH side. You would need to pull up the...
  4. seventyfour

    BJ74 Heater Control Assembly Replacement - Advice Needed!

    So I broke the internals of my temperature adjustment for the AC/heater when trying to adjust the heat - I'm guessing a combination of difficult operation and brittle old parts in the dash - and can't get the replacement fully installed. It's one of the first things I broke when I got the car...
  5. M

    Brake pedal half soft then solid

    Hi all I have a question about brakes. My 74 Land Cruiser has a funny feeling pedal it goes in really easily for half the travel and then is basically Rock Solid. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. I just put a new master cylinder in from an 80 series replacing the old one but no...
  6. sbh

    For Sale  San Diego - 1989 BJ74

    I'm selling my 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74. It's great, but it's time for it to find a new home. Right hand drive, 5 speed manual, 3.4L turbo diesel, selectable 2WD/4WD high and low, lockable front hubs. It was my daily driver in Japan for the last 2 years until I imported it back to the US...
  7. MyCruiserisaHogBeast

    BJ74 Clutch Master rebuild/clutch booster seal replacement w/pics

    Hey all. So I found myself in the unknown after chasing my clutch fluid disappearance to my clutch master after replacing the slave (may or may not have been needed), and right after that discovery, my truck stopped shutting off. It was then I discovered it has a clutch booster, something I...
  8. jessieee77

    rust free bj73 price guide

    Hello, just purchased a bj73 , 1985 3B body has no rust and interior is quiet clean. Exterior paint is not bad, few scratches, Engine has 600,000kms though. Wondering what a rough price for Australia would be.? Has a bulbar small tyres, spotlights roof fack just general small things.
  9. jessieee77

    bj73 possible engine swaps? (1hz)

    Hello, Picking up a new BJ in a week or so, it has 700,000kms on the 3b N/A engine. was thinking it will need a new one eventually, how hard is it to chuck a 1hz in? I have very little mechanical knowledge and would be paying someone to do it. Thanks
  10. seaken

    Cap on thermostat housing ( Radiator Cap)

    Looking for Cap that goes on thermostat housing for my 1987 BJ74 13bt turbo diesel . Can one that would work be bought here in Canada . I’m in Halifax NS . Thanks
  11. 1

    Vendor  1986 Toyota Landcruiser BJ74 MWB

    For sale. 1986 Toyota Landcruiser MWB BJ74. Factory 13B-T 3.4 L 4cyl turbo diesel engine, 5 speed manual transmission, genuine Toyota snorkel, towbar, flares, ARB deluxe front bullbar, IPF spotlights and 90L diesel tank. - Australian delivery ‌16v (NOT a Japan pto import) - travelled 350,000km...
  12. L

    13b-t intake manifold. Mod for intercooler.

    Hi All, I have a 13b-t on my BJ74 and I want to fit a water to air barrel intercooler, but the path from turbo to the intake is too short. I've noticed that the 14bt intake manifold would allow more distance to the turbo to fit the piping. Does anyone know of the 14bt intake manifold will fit...
  13. _Walker_

    Shops on the Island

    Hey all, looking to have some refurbishing work done on my BJ74 (rust, weld, paint) plus a new exhaust plus some other misc rebuild stuff (front diff etc), maybe some custom fab work... Was planning on taking it to Radd Cruisers but as I understand it John's left town and the shop is closed...
  14. jetswim

    Wanted  rear wiper relay 24v Part# 85940-90k05

    I think my relay is burnt out. If anyone has a used one kicking around I'm definitely interested. Will pay shipping to Toronto, Canada M6E 2W2. It's going in a 1988 BJ74. Cheers
  15. ey847Cordillera

    SOLD  Used starter for 13bt in Canada.

    used starter for 13bt. Was intended for a BJ 74. It was bench tested by RADD cruisers last year and I never installed it because I repaired mine. $350 Canadian plus shipping.
  16. Eightysix

    For Sale  1987 BJ74 - Monterey CA USA

    First post, came to share or see if you guys are interested in my 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74. Cross posted from my CL ad. $15,500 Just over 202k kilometers, so about 126k miles. Miles go up some as I'm daily driving it around town and into Big Sur. - 4x4, automatic, manual locking front...
  17. bosscruiser

    For Sale  PRICE REDUCED- 1986 Bj74 Landcruiser 13B-T

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new 1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs...
  18. bosscruiser

    For Sale  1986 BJ74 13B-T Land Cruiser

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new interstate batteries New water pump Previous owner bolted a roof rack thru the top, really...
  19. S

    BJ74 consuming coolant

    I'm wondering about coolant loss in my BJ74. As a bit of background, it is a bit worn and rusty, with 286xxx kms. When I brought it to EBI for an inspection before I bought it the coolant was low, it took a litre, and the mechanic said to not worry at all about it needing a litre of coolant...
  20. S

    Wanted  BJ74 leaf springs

    Anyone out there have 2nd hand BJ74 leafs in reasonable shape? cheers
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