1. L

    13b-t intake manifold. Mod for intercooler.

    Hi All, I have a 13b-t on my BJ74 and I want to fit a water to air barrel intercooler, but the path from turbo to the intake is too short. I've noticed that the 14bt intake manifold would allow more distance to the turbo to fit the piping. Does anyone know of the 14bt intake manifold will fit...
  2. _Walker_

    Shops on the Island

    Hey all, looking to have some refurbishing work done on my BJ74 (rust, weld, paint) plus a new exhaust plus some other misc rebuild stuff (front diff etc), maybe some custom fab work... Was planning on taking it to Radd Cruisers but as I understand it John's left town and the shop is closed...
  3. jetswim

    Wanted rear wiper relay 24v Part# 85940-90k05

    I think my relay is burnt out. If anyone has a used one kicking around I'm definitely interested. Will pay shipping to Toronto, Canada M6E 2W2. It's going in a 1988 BJ74. Cheers
  4. ey847Cordillera

    For Sale Used starter for 13bt in Canada.

    used starter for 13bt. Was intended for a BJ 74. It was bench tested by RADD cruisers last year and I never installed it because I repaired mine. $350 Canadian plus shipping.
  5. Eightysix

    For Sale 1987 BJ74 - Monterey CA USA

    First post, came to share or see if you guys are interested in my 1987 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ74. Cross posted from my CL ad. $15,500 Just over 202k kilometers, so about 126k miles. Miles go up some as I'm daily driving it around town and into Big Sur. - 4x4, automatic, manual locking front...
  6. bosscruiser

    For Sale PRICE REDUCED- 1986 Bj74 Landcruiser 13B-T

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new 1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs...
  7. bosscruiser

    For Sale 1986 BJ74 13B-T Land Cruiser

    1986 Toyota BJ74 Land Cruiser 13B-T 300,000km Turbo Diesel 4 cylinder 5 speed Factory ac (needs charged) Factory toyota pto winch (haven't used) Removable top Newer BFG all terrain tires 2 brand new interstate batteries New water pump Previous owner bolted a roof rack thru the top, really...
  8. S

    BJ74 consuming coolant

    I'm wondering about coolant loss in my BJ74. As a bit of background, it is a bit worn and rusty, with 286xxx kms. When I brought it to EBI for an inspection before I bought it the coolant was low, it took a litre, and the mechanic said to not worry at all about it needing a litre of coolant...
  9. S

    Wanted BJ74 leaf springs

    Anyone out there have 2nd hand BJ74 leafs in reasonable shape? cheers
  10. B

    Builds LS1 5.7L BJ73 6 MONTH BUILD

    Hello Guys, new to the forum and thought would be a great place to get some feed back and ideas about the build. CURRENT VEHICLE: 1985 BJ73 LANDCRUISER CURRENT MODS: LS1 5.7L ENGINE CONVERSION CONVERSION DONE USING MARKS 4WD ADAPTORS 2" BODY LIFT 2" SUSPENSION LIFT 33" MUD TIRES ARB BUILT IN...
  11. M

    For Sale BJ74 South Carolina. Not mine

    This is a fairly clean looking LC. The ad says it has the 3.4 liter turbo engine. That would be the 13BT right? I called the dealer and they said it's a 2.something liter turbo and he's going to confirm and get back with me. He assured me it was a Toyota engine and not VM, but I'm dubious...
  12. J

    BJ74 AC/ALT/PS Belt Change Tips

    G'day everyone! I got hold of a BJ74 a few months back for a relatively good price here in Australia. I sent it in to have a checkup and to see what needs attention and one of the things was "drive belts". I have now purchased the necessary belts and they're sat here waiting to go on. I was just...
  13. lowenbrau

    For Sale Highly modified BJ74 parts package

    The BJ74 in my sig line is up for sale. It is probably a parts rig at this point but has loads of good parts for someone wanting to build up a 70 series. $5000 CDN ($3727 US) Details here Parts For Sale/ Trade/ Free / Wanted/ Not Wanted
  14. mojoloco

    Bj74 head studs

    Hi everyone Anybody out there make a head stud kit for the 13bt Can't find anything online Thanks
  15. J

    starter relay BJ74

    Does anyone have a photo of the starter relay? I found an array of relays under the dash. I identified them by part number. I think. I found a number of interesting plugs and modules under the hood. Pretty sure I located the pre-heater relay. Not sure where the starter relay is exactly. Any...
  16. T

    For Sale '89 BJ74 Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel 2dr RARE

    Hey gang, I'm selling my 1989 BJ74 Toyota Land Cruiser. It is a Turbo Diesel and is 100% original and in show condition with only 102,000 miles on it. It is a JDM right hand drive and passes an inspection with flying colors. I don't need to say besides this is the rarest and most well kept BJ74...
  17. T

    Found a BJ74

    Can anyone tell me anything about this 70 series. I know some are built to different standards than others, but I don't know how to tell what ones are the heavy duty ones. 1988 BJ74 Toyota Land Cruiser for Sale. | used cars & trucks | Edmonton | Kijiji Thanks Terry
  18. D

    Looking at a BJ74 this week in UT

    So after a few years away from Land Cruisers (I've had a couple FJ40s in the past) I've started to get a hankering for them again. This one just popped up close to me, so I figured it was at least worth an afternoon drive to look it over: 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser on I don't know much...
  19. S

    Thinking of Selling My BJ74

    Hi Guys, I am thinking of selling my 1986 BJ74, unit is located in Melbourne Australia. Only travelled 300,000kms. It has ARB bullbar, Kaymar twin wheel carrier, TJM Aluminium roof rack, twin ARB lockers, 35" Simex Centerpedes with pneumatic deadlocks amongst other mods. Don't get a chance to...
  20. D

    Does anyone know the size of the vacuum line for the clutch booster on a bj74

    the part number is 31438-60041. I rebuilt my clutch and would like to hook the vacuum line that goes between the booster and the reservoir unfortunately I lost min...d'oh. Any idea what size it is? It is much bigger than any other vacuum hose I am used to seeing.. Also the one on the turbo...
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