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  1. JB Rheinhart

    For Sale  SoCal: 5 OEM GX470 Wheels with BFG KO2 265/70-17 E Load Tires- TPMS included

    Perfect bolt on upgrade. 5 OEM GX470 wheels include TMPS and 4 center caps. Minor knicks, but in good shape. BF Goodrich KO2 E Load 265/70-17. Tread is 13/32 or better on each, ~5,000 miles. Includes America's Tire Certificates. $1,000 for the set of 5 wheels/tires
  2. alta

    SOLD  BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 - 275/70R18 (set of 4) - $750

    BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO2 - 275/70R18 with only about 1500 miles (set of 4). I purchased these tires new for my '10 Land Cruiser, but after 2 months decided to move up in size to 305/65r18. You will notice they still have the rubber tabs from the mold, so I hope that shows they have not been...
  3. pedroZ

    BFG K02 "DT"

    Does anybody have an opinion on BFG's "DT" (different tread) tire compound? I'm about to pull the trigger on a set of K02s but I'm on the fence as to whether the DT option is what I want. According to one of BFG's online customer service reps, the DT tire compound is only offered in certain...
  4. xlx

    Largest tire size/stock lift/wheels

    Just got new BFG KO2’s. Went with LT 265 70 17 on stock wheels and lift. No rubbing on full turn lock to lock. Only had about 1/8” clearance on the front passenger side. Was able to use my used BFG Rugged Terrain LT 265 70 17 from my FJC for my spare tire. I had 1/4” clearance fully aired up in...
  5. seajeff

    Introduction and some fun in the garage

    Greetings- I have been having some fun in the garage and wanted to share some of my first projects on my 2016 Land Cruiser. I’ve been taking it slow but last month had the opportunity and pleasure to spend a week in the Canyonlands with my family and some friends. The truck did great but of...
  6. Woody Craig

    For Sale  Used BFG KO2 For Sale 285x65x18

    Four Tires in all and these have 35,000 miles on them and are located in Jackson, MS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, I 've just decided to go to a less aggressive tire on my 2013 Land Cruiser. They are almost a year old (yes, I've put that many miles on them in a year). 95% of...
  7. S

    For Sale  BF Goodrich KO2 265/60r18 *4 for sale $600 (LA Local Pickup only!!)

    BF goodrich All-terrain KO2 265/60R18 tyre *4 ----- $150*4=$600 (7000miles) and Lexus Gx 460 OEM Spare Tyre Wheel/Rim + OEM Michelin Latitude Tour HP 265/60R18 ----- $260 (never used spare tyre, 0 mile on it)
  8. DJCloz

    For Sale  BFG KO2 305/65/18 Socal

    I am selling my set (4) KO2's. Great condition. I only put about 6-7K miles on them. $700 BF Goodrich All terrain KO2 33's Will not ship. Local pickup only.
  9. Output Shaft

    Heads Up On BFG KO2s - Cracking

    Saw this thread over at Tire & Wheel Tech. Thought I'd bring it to light here in the 60's section too, since many of us just hang out here. Any comments, leave them at the thread below that's already been started. Not here. BFG KO2 Cracking at 10k
  10. Bama80

    Current tire deals

    Discount tire direct is usually the cheapest place I've found to get tires shipped to your door. Last night I stumbled onto a deal where if you order from their ebay store right now through 3/16/16 you get $100 off any order over $400. Set of 4 ST Maxxs in 295/70r18 came out to $233 a tire with...
  11. konradjk

    Anyone running the new BFG KO2's?

    I'm in the market for some 31x10.5's and wondered if anyone has these on stock wheels yet. I've had the regular BFG 31x10.5 on my Tacoma's for 15 years (not same tires!).
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