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  1. OhItsNotAJeep

    40 Series RHD bench seat…

    Where O where could I find one of these? Been to Mordor and back trying to locate a RHD bench seat for an HJ45. Who's got one hidden in their parts pile they’ll never use? I don’t care about the condition of the upholstery or padding just need to find one without selling a kid to the local...
  2. Toysicko

    For Sale Whittier Ca.

    For Sale BRAND NEW.. Conferr type REAR forward facing folding bench seat with or without undermount storage compartment. This seat is brand new black vinyl and metal frame bench seat made by Conferr been stored in my garage for 20 years. Very rare aftermarket piece hard to find in New...
  3. K

    For Sale SLC - FJ40? Long Beach seats

    Condition: Used - Good, minimal wear I have a pair of FJ40? Long bench seats. These are in really good condition I think all original. Little to no rust. I was going to install these into my 60 series but I am going a different direction. I bought these off these forms last year. Asking $800...
  4. Harry205

    60 series bench seat in 1976 fj40?

    Hello everyone, haven't been able to find any info on this. Just wondering if I'll be able to bold 60 series bench seat straight into my right hand drive 1976 fj40 with the tank under the seat. Thanks :)
  5. massey66fj

    Wanted Oregon 66 fj40 seats

    Hi! I’m looking for a front bench seat for my 66 FJ40. Doesn’t need to be complete I can restore. Also looking for a factory roll bar. I have a bunch of other parts let me know what you need.
  6. jason fischman

    For Sale or trade '89 HJ61 Turbo Seats Front & Rear (Brn & Tan)

    I have 1989 Brown and Tan HJ61 Turbo Seats. I am looking for the original GX rear bench and matching front seats. Will sell or trade.
  7. HJ47

    SOLD MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series

    (Now Sold) MN - FJ40/Troopy Forward Facing Rear Bench Seat and Mount Frame - Toyota 70 Series Seat and frame are sold. Toyota 70 Series Bench Seat (very similar to the 60 Series bench) with heavy duty frame to mount to the tub (drill just four tub holes for your grade 8 hardware as the two...
  8. 71ALUMFJ40

    For Sale Rear Jump Seats Fj40

    Have a set of rear long jump seats from one of my Fj40 projects. Seats are in very good condition with one small rip in lower seat cover about one inch as seen in pictures. Frames are solid and in good condition. Would like to get $500 obo for the pair.
  9. Totheredline

    T100 bench seat (or similar) in Fj60?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried swapping an T100 bench or a similar bench seat into an fj60. The interior dimensions are very close, although I’m sure the rails would need to be modified. My bucket seats are in great shape but I’ve got a fetish for bench seats and the womenz seem to like...
  10. OSS

    Wanted -SEARCH SUCCESSFUL- FJ60 gray rear bench seat. Good condition.

    I'm looking for a striped gray FJ60 rear bench seat that looks good. No tears or big stains. The whole bottom seat with cushion intact. 5/86 or later fabric preferred To match fabric as shown in picture below. Thanks I found one. Disregard ad.
  11. F

    FJ40 1970 RHD Bench Seat with Toolbox

    I'm trying to bring my 1970 FJ40 back to original as much as possible and one of the issues I have is the front bench seat with the toolbox underneath. The FJ40 is a right hand drive model (Australia) and has the bench seat on the left, not on the right as is the case with US models. When I...
  12. P

    For Sale FJ55 Front Bench Seat

    Looking for a front bench seat for my 74 FJ55... any spares lying around?
  13. DTFJ45

    For Sale Fj55 Rear Bench Seat

    fj55 rear bench seat for sale. From a 1975. See photos. Ideally this would be for pickup only.
  14. Krow

    For Sale FJ55 rear bench seat

    I'm picking up some different seats and have no use for this bench anymore. It's in pretty decent shape overall, a little dirty but no tears or rips anywhere. I'm located in SoCal and am looking for local pickup only. I'm asking $250 or possible trade for other misc pig parts! -Tyler
  15. skydog 71

    Wanted fj40 seats

    the previous owner of my 71 fj40 replaced the front split bench with TJ seats on homemade (badly) brackets. looking for split bench with brackets or if not available low back buckets with brackets. I can pickup if reasonably close or would ask for them to be shipped to Amherst, VA 24521...
  16. H

    For Sale (3) FJ40 Bench seats and 2 sets of long jump seats

    I have 3 different sets of bench seats ranging from great condition to needing redone. Jump seats also need recovered as you can see in pictures. Thanks Located in Sacramento CA Rob 916 955 5361
  17. 1Fine40

    Any Pix of CCOT rear bench seat mounts??

    Working on a rear seat mount for the bestop bench unit...wondering if anyone has a pic of the CCOT mount that they sell with their version of this seat?? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I hear... Cheers!
  18. Swintell

    Bench seat in 74

    I found this bench seat in the back of my cruiser when I hauled It home today. I know it goes on the side but my question is can it have the roll bar with the bench seat
  19. ryanwk628

    For Sale 1970 Bench Seats for Sale/Trade

    I pulled the seats from my 1970 FJ40. The vinyl needs to be repaired/replaced but the foam is probably good. Passenger side foot closest to the door rotted off with the floor, easy fix. Otherwise very good shape for a restoration or parts. I thought about saving these but Im just too tall...
  20. theowiski

    Wanted 1977 fj40 rear bench seat

    looking for bench seat for my kids.
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