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  1. R

    Axle Housing Damage?

    Hey guys, Started the front axle rebuild last week (thanks to Cruiser Outfitters for working during this shutdown). Birfs look thrashed so I got some new ones along with a rebuild kit. After I disassembled everything I noticed the inside of the DS axle housing where the birf goes, looked like...
  2. Crinkler

    Wanted  Wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing

    wanted, fj40 or FJ60 disk brake front axle housing or complete.
  3. I

    81 fj40 new owner

    I just bought my first fj40 it's a 81 . After driving it for few days i found out that the engine is 3f not 2f. It has a 5sp . The front and rear axle are from 60 I think . And some play on power steering. I don't care about the engine and gearbox since it's a good upgrade . I am more concerned...
  4. jchoop

    It can be done. Differential seal replace - w/o pulling axles

    This is in relation to my previous post where I had a front diff leak and was worried about water intrusion. Anyway, I eventually determined no water in the differential, but did confirm the leak was the differential to...
  5. Borrego

    What is this in my Axle?

    One of my Toys is an 85 mini truck. I rebuilt my knuckles and replaced the inner axle oil seals about a year ago. I have about 200 miles on it since the rebuild. All of a sudden I started hearing a click in the front diff. I took everything apart thinking I had broken my locker or ring teeth or...
  6. Tank5

    Early Axle Housing Strength

    I have a centered rear axle housing from a 1963 FJ40 that I want to use to build a full float axle. I started a build thread in the hard core section if you want to know more. I am posting in this section because I have one question that I thought could be better answered here. Question is...
  7. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] FJ40 Bare front axle housing

    I have a cut and turned front axle setup for shackle reversal in an FJ40. It's been used on a off road truck so it has some dings. Would make a great drop in axle for someone not wanting to cut and turn their own axle. Asking $400 for the housing plus shipping. I am open to offers.
  8. Guu

    Axle housing

    Hey Guys, I've found a 60 series out bush with only a 159k Kms on it. Will this axle housing fit my 1985 FJ73 ?? I'd swap my diff and axles & everything from the fj73 into the 60 series axle cause the one on my 70 is bent.
  9. SHavis

    WANTED: FJ40 front axle housing

    I'm reassembling my front axle and I believe there has been some rust on her in the past. The knuckle balls are rough in texture from the rust; and it's uniform from lock to lock. I think she will leak more than I want to deal with. Anyone have one available? Thanks!
  10. S

    For Sale  *80 series front axle housing and third member Northern CA

    I have the stock 3rd member, and front axle housing removed from my 1993 FZJ80. Non locking diff, stock 4.11 gears. 220k at the time of removal with no known issues. I will be keeping the knuckles, steering arms, and birfs for now. I'm willing to split the set up if I need to. Looking for...
  11. K

    Front Axle rebuild help... damaged ball on housinghousing

    Help! Can I still use scarface ball?
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