1. TonyP

    Builds TonyP's Build

    I originally wanted a 200 but decided on a Tundra for some reason. I figured it was a simple vehicle and I would have liked to have had a bed for my real estate gig. So I bought a Tundra Regular Cab. It was neat, we had some adventures, had 35s and a lift. But as it turns out, I don't like...
  2. L

    Armored Land Cruiser 200 Series

    Armored Toyota Land Cruisers (200 Series) Source: TLC 200 - Mezcal Security Vehicles
  3. Taco2Cruiser

    Builds Rocklander Build

    Well, I guess this will also be my introduction. So hi guys, I've always loved this forum, and always loved land cruisers. I grew up in shops, learned to build ground up custom cars and trucks from an early age and had a great time doing it. Built some amazing things, learned from some great...
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