1. LX470MK

    Successfully installed a Tesla Style headunit into a 2005 LX470.

    Hi fellow mudders, So it all started when I saw THIS THREAD... I was all excited and started researching the possibilities and options. I originally wanted to install the smaller headunit where you replace only the MFD and includes "transplanting" some logic board. I dropped the idea when I...
  2. BMThiker

    Galaxy S6 data recovery, help needed

    My wife's phone took a spill and screen and digitizer input is defunct. So now I can't unlock the device when connected to PC via USB. A replacement screen and digitizer cost as much as a new phone, so trying to avoid that route. Anyone have experience recovering data (photos) from an Android...
  3. Ali M

    Android 12.1" Display for 2016-17 LC 200

    Costs $700 for the part and $150 for installation in UAE. This would be an awesome upgrade here in the US. Does anyone know of similar system here in the US for 200s?
  4. woody

    Review: Cellet cell phone mount... Cellet Extra Strength Universal Magnetic Car Dashboard Mount for Smartphones and Tablets - Retail Packaging: Cell Phones & Accessories I've been running the Cellet mount on various vehicles for about a year...HUGELY impressed. I use the round disc on my phone hard case and it does...
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