1. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Part Three

    TCT magazine has published part three of our trip to Alaska and Canada. We are heading home but take a short detour North. Hope you enjoy the article and I welcome your comments. Arctic Adventures Part Three
  2. mep1811

    Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser Pt. 2 in TCT magazine

    This past summer, my wife and I spent three months and 13,000 miles traveling Alaska and Canada making it to the Arctic Ocean twice. I wrote a three part series about the trip. Part two of my three part series Arctic Adventures in a Vintage Land Cruiser is now live in TCT magazine . The...
  3. adrenalinejunk8

    What are your thoughts about driving your own LC on the Dalton Highway in Alaska?

    Hello adventurers, I am new to here. I am planing to take a road trip to Dalton Highway from Texas. My route is from Central Texas to New Mexico, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Anchorage, Fairbanks, then Prudhoe Bay. What are your thoughts and recommendations...
  4. Tareq

    Starting my North America trip tomorrow!!

    Ok guys, this is the reason why I bought an SUV, a 100 series, it is for an overland trip that I have always wanted to do! :) Originally I wanted to go from Dubai to Mangolia using my dad's Y61 Nissan Patrol, but didnt workout as I wanted. So I decided to do this trip instead. Thankfully I...
  5. B

    Atlanta Ga to Deadhorse Alaska and back

    Hello all, thought I'd start a thread here to share our trip we made this past June/July from our home in Atlanta to Deadhorse and back. We successfully made the trip in 32 days living entirely out of our 80 Series Land Cruiser. Ill attempt to keep the thread in a timeline that reflects our...
  6. PortFJ62

    Nice One Alaska

    House Joint Resolution 69 aims to allow the killing of hibernating bears and wolf pups on Alaskan federal refuges Passed Congress and on to the Senate. Makes me sad.
  7. Jay470

    Houston,TX to Anchorage, AK - to Cruise or not to Cruise?

    I recently acquired a 98' LX, in good mechanical condition, with 131k miles... My dad and I got to talking and we've taken other trips e.g. Moab, Montana, Colorado to go wheeling in different rigs and four wheelers before but Alaska is calling... Here's my dilemma I have an F350 diesel, 4x4...
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