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Apr 20, 2019
Hello everyone, first time poster here! About two weeks ago I finally managed to get a 1993 FZJ80 and join the LC club (lifelong Toyota owner though). The truck has some things that needed to be addressed and fixed that I was aware of and most of those fixes are coming along seamlessly. However one that I have been fighting since day two of ownership is that my A/C blower will not turn off. Not even once the keys are removed or after any amount of time. Temperature and all speeds work appropriately, except for off. I found a red wire underneath the glove box that will turn turn it off, but whenever I plug it back in, it turns right back on. As you can imagine, leaning over and plugging in / unplugging a wire to manage A/C is not ideal... I believe I am have a problem with the blower motor relay (the switch that turns it all off is not connected to the resistor). But I can not, for the life of me find where this blower motor relay is. I've been searching everywhere online and in the LC but I just can't find it and it doesn't help that I am not good with electrical work anyways.

Does anyone have any advise on this problem specifically, where the blower motor relay is, or just anything in general? Thank you in advance!
The attached pic shows the a/c relay location. It looks like it is behind the glove box.


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