1. goose4433

    For Sale 85 FJ60 seat belts, brackets, etc.

    Front seat belts + receivers. NOTE I REMOVED THE MOUNTING TAB FROM THE BELTS TO INSTALL NEW SEATBELT PLANET BELTS see pictures. Receivers work fine. Stock front seat brackets Cigarette lighter Ashtray (black)
  2. mwebfj60

    Pre 85 H55 Upgrade FJ60

    Parts Needed Longer Transfer Case to Transmission Bolts (4) 90119-12047 (3) 90119-12047 5th Gear Oiler Cup (1) 33124-36010 5 Speed Shifter and Shift Knob (1) 33530-60160 and (1) 33504-14050-B8 Transfer Case Linkage - From Late 85' and up. Transfer Case Linkage Pivot Shaft From H42 (H55 doesn't...
  3. D

    Price check, 85 4Runner SR5

    So I picked up a gx470 last year with intentions to build it up. Things have changed, that's the family hauler for now. I've been looking At first gen runners, and I've come across an 85 sr5 in fair condition. What's the going rate? It is a manual and the 22re. Interior in good condition. This...
  4. G

    For Sale 85 FJ60 - Almost Completely Stock - 191k Miles - $11k

    I’m selling my toy…reluctantly. If you are looking for a stock FJ60 this is your truck. If you are looking for a zombie apocalypse wagon or bug out vehicle this is exactly what you are looking for. Here are the reasons I love this truck. Carb and Stick. This has the original inline 6 cylinder...
  5. pistonpete

    Parting Out 85 BJ70 3B 5sp

    SOLD !SOLD as A complete,
  6. Hailey Walker

    For Sale 1985 Toyota 4Runner (22RE with factory SOLID AXLE)

    The truck is in Laurel, MS, but I drive to Tupelo, MS on some weekends. So anywhere around those areas would be an easy place for someone to come take a look and drive. $7000 (PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE) I'm selling my beautiful 4Runner. This thing is one of a kind. It has the FACTORY SOLID AXLE, a...
  7. Sam Stewart

    For Sale 1985 4Runner - All Stock - Atlanta, GA

    I bought this project a while back from one of my techs. It's an all stock 85 4Runner. This truck is not in perfect condition and has some miles. It's a great base to build on or restore. I replaced all of the brakes when I bought it. New pads and shoes, master cylinder and wheel cylinders...
  8. LittleRedWgon

    Aug. 85 FJ60 build "The Cruiser"

    This is my page so I can finally document the Journey that I have been waiting to take....I purchased my Aug. 85 FJ60 in July 2011. I have been patiently waiting to get started on her and finally I have had time and funds to dedicate more time and energy to her. I hope you enjoy my trip! I...
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