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  1. 4060seriesnut

    Wanted  Brown LC 80 Series 1995-97 Steering Wheel

    Looking for the late 90s Steering wheel (airbag version) in brown for the 80 Series Land Cruiser. Thanks!
  2. Gleasman

    SOLD  1994 80-Series Toyota LandCruiser--NON-LOCKED

    In case you missed it in the title, this is NOT a 3x locker LC. 1994 with 189k miles. Runs and drives 100%. New Parts Include: New Tires (slightly oversized) Rolling on Sequoia Rims (factory Toyota) New Brakes and Rotors all the way around New Battery New Head Unit (DVD w/ Remote) & two...
  3. 25% Off 80 Series Nitro Gas Kits- Plus Free Shipping

    25% Off 80 Series Nitro Gas Kits- Plus Free Shipping

    You read correctly, save $200 when you use code: FZJ80NITRO at checkout.
  4. C

    Questions about 6BT versions

    Good afternoon everyone, I´m writing you all from Santiago de Chile. I´m Jorge and I´ve bought a 91' FJ80 in december 2018, and this model has inside the 3FE engine. Currently I´m looking for the chance of swapping my FJ80 due to gas price here (I´ll become poor soon) and the most recurrent...
  5. dutch865

    SOLD  SOLD: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser LOCKED San Diego, CA

    I’m considering selling my ‘97 LC. I’ve had her for almost 4 years & have loved owning & driving her, but the time may be coming to sell. 203k mi when I took delivery, & currently 232k mi. Oil & filter changes done approximately every 3k mi. *just got smog done 5/18/19 & new registration, good...
  6. Ruquik

    For Sale  70 / 80 series Timbren Bump stops

    Timbren ABSTORLC1 rear active offroad bumpstops. New in box $135 shipped to lower 48
  7. Whiphub

    FREE  94 80 series 3rd row seats in Denver

    Free if you come get em, outside of Denver in Evergreen, CO. Grey/blue cloth
  8. 94YotaGuy

    For Sale  80 Series Standard Baja Rack Basket (Northern VA, USA)

    I've run into a bit of a problem... I don't fit in my parking garage at work. In order to fix this, I have to either sell my Baja Racks roof basket or replace it with a flat rack. This version doesn't cover the sun roof, sells online for $695+$240 shipping to the East Coast. I've only had this...
  9. M


    Looking for a set of spiders and side gears to install in my 97 80series. Without lockers (DUHH). I'm in the middle of regearing and when opened front diff found a nice surprise... At this point I have much more money into the project that I had expected and can't afford to buy new parts. I know...
  10. 9

    For Sale  97 fzj80 X3 Locked Builder Rig, Wichita, KS

    For sale is a 97 fzj80 in pretty decent shape to start building a solid trail rig from. Recently the oil pressure has dropped of to alarming levels, the likely culprit cam, crank and rod bearings. Engine will start and run at idle, not enough oil pressure to drive, will need to be trailered. I...
  11. D

    Wanted  FJ80 or FZJ80 in Albuquerque, NM

    I'm looking for an 80-series Land Cruiser. I'm not set on one particular year, so pretty much 1992-1997 are all viable options. My only requirement is that you're located in the greater Albuquerque, NM area. Let me know what you have.
  12. travcaldwell

    Brush Guards for 80 Series?

    I just bought my first 80series. It is in great shape and has all factory parts on it. I'm working on building it up for general offroad use for hunting, fishing, and camping. I'd love input on brush guards. I really like what heftyfabworks makes but, they don't make a model for 80 series. I...
  13. Chance

    craigslist  FJ80

    I'm looking at the 80 and wanted to get yalls opinion on whether or not this is worth a look. It's about a 2 1/2hr drive for one of my buddies. I know it's hard to tell from just pics and a description. The owner isn't a very good historian on the vehicle. 1992 Toyota Landcruiser fj80 4x4 off road
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