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  1. Little Girl the FJ Cruiser

    Little Girl the FJ Cruiser

    Just out for a weekend in the Ozarks National Forest
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    RLC LR Area Meeting - Every 3rd Thursday of the month

    Sounds good to me.
  3. theBROfessor

    14th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl

    Always great to help out in any way I can I know It’s hard for you guys who live so far away to put hands on things and see with you own eyes so just holler whatever you need.
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    Cottonland Overland Opine Thread

    I should be around bro. Just lmk. Always game for that and have the week off.
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    Need for a Facebook Group?

    I don't disagree. And I will be honest like I always am. I do see a very outdated website and not enough participation or want to to have a meeting or get together in months. Like I stated on the FB page it depends on whether you want to reach out and gain new members or not. If you don't...
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    Need for a Facebook Group?

    FB is not LIFE for me but it is for many. If you want to expand and grow you have to use it. Period. It is the best way to interact and get people interested in something. The Overland Groups are exploding and guys join all of them not just one. If we have a group where we can post get...
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    14th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl Overland Day Trip Registration

    I talk often with the USFS Winona District and it’s not a problem. They love us coming since we take care of the area and pick up tons of trash.
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    Rendezvous in the Ozarks 2018

    Im registered and will be there. Probably won't be able to go up til friday but we will be there.
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    Tornado Alley Cruisers Fall Crawl @ SMORR Sept 7-9, 2018

    Is anyone planning on going to this?
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    2018 Razorback Ramble

    Wife and I had a great time. So thankful to everyone who played a part in making the Ramble happen! It was nice to finally put a real face with a real name and then figure out who everyone was according to their nickname/Road name.
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    What mod did you add to your Toyota this weekend?

    More lights because the wife says you can't have enough light when you're in the middle of nowhere at night. lol
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    What mod did you add to your Toyota this weekend?

    Had a few minutes before the sun went down yesterday so I changed up the limb risers to protect my snorkel and installed the Foxwing onto the new roofrack.
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    14th Annual Southern Cruiser Crawl

    FYI. I just reserved Tent Spot 14. They said this was the last spot. Not even really a spot. Its a small space beside a tree with a #14 on it. lol. There are no more spots to reserve. And its only May! That is awesome!
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    Comment by 'theBROfessor' in album 'Spotto!'

    That has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen!
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    Pay it Forward...

    Awesome maybe we can post pics here and/or bring what we have to the Ramble and help each other out.
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