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    Galleta Meadows Borrego Springs California

    Pumpkin Patch and Truckhaven and Fish Creek Cyn and.. and.. Anza Borrego is fun with so much to see.
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    1993 Land Cruiser Pickup! Looks like a common upgrade in Australia too as the rear axle is narrower than the front. I'm curious as where this originated from.. SoAm? I want one tooo! Even with a Dana 60 rear! LOL
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    CSC September meeting 09/20/2019

    I think I'll be able to make this one...
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    October ROTM - Casner #8

    I haven't been on here for a while... I'm hoping I can make it out to camp. But that's a hard maybe..
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    Challenge: what is this Toyota?

    My parents had one when I was a small kid.. 77 or 78 Hilux Pickup. Not sure why Toyota USA dropped the Hilux name in the states and then just went with pickup until the Tacoma name was branded..
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    Events/Trails ♦ 2nd Annual COPPER STATE CLASSIC CRUIZE 4-13-19

    Not going to make it out today. Wife just go out of the hospital, so I get to play housewife and nurse
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    Looking for an Alignment Shop in Mesa/Gilbert area

    Anybody recommend a good shop?
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    Events/Trails ♦ 2nd Annual COPPER STATE CLASSIC CRUIZE 4-13-19

    I've secured a seat with @Cruddz for a 2nd year! I'll bring the camera again this year!
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    Trasharoo Group Buy

    Hey Brice.. I’ll take a Tan one.
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    Events/Trails ♦ 2nd Annual COPPER STATE CLASSIC CRUIZE 4-13-19

    If you run it South into Florence, there is some good camping east of Florence off Florence/Kelvin Hwy back around the Gila River next to the once mining town of Cochran.
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    96 LX450 Part Out

    I just need the CATS, mine took a dump. How much would you want for them? I'd like to try and stay OEM, vs aftermarket..
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    96 LX450 Part Out

    How many miles were on it? Do you still have the cats?
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    CBT Annual Show N' Shine: SUNDAY February 10th, 2019

    Awesome day! Thanks again Murf for putting this together! As I walked Daisy around the outside, you should see the rubber neckers and looky-loo-ers looking over at the parking lot. Its cool yet comical at the same time! 🆒
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    80 series head gasket poll

    HG went at 252K in 2014. CBT did the HG and other things.. put another 100k on it since too!
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