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    Builds URJ150 Peridot Prado Build

    I've never used my rear window also.
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    LFD Offroad hybrid bumper

    That looks great!
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    Battery Recommendation

    I just watched a video on this battery.
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    Battery Recommendation

    For the same price as that PLB40, you can get a 100Ah Battleborn Lithium instead. What was your reason for the PLB40? Thanks.
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    Can’t decide on a tire size, need help.

    Unless you're doing some hardcore rock crawling, it's not an issue.
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    Builds 2017 GX 460

    Dumb question but is that for the front and rear?
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    Builds Giovanni’s 2016 460 build

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    Builds Giovanni’s 2016 460 build

    What solar panels are those?
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    Builds Gamera 460

    Just a straight on rear shot.
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    Builds Gamera 460

    Can you post some pics of the rear?
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    Kudos to Ryan at RSG!

    Yep, did great by me also.
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    Builds Tex's 2019 GX460 build

    Ah I see. That sucks!
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    Builds Tex's 2019 GX460 build

    5 more weeks for something that's supposed to be in stock? I would find another rack that IS in stock and cancel this order. But that's just me. I HATE crappy customer service.
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    LFD rear bumper, purchase and shipping to Seattle area.

    Keep us posted and include pics. 😁
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    LFD Offroad - GX 460 Front Hybrid Bumper 2010-2013

    I don't have to worry about animal strikes where I live and where I off-road. Besides, I drive cars too (and a motorhome on occasion) and never worried about animal strikes in those either. Nice to have options, don't you agree?
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