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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Turned the tires on the wheels. 35” Trepadors
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    For Sale Turbocharger for 3b

    How you compensate the fuel injection? More air needs more fuel if more power is wanted.
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    Are the fj 40 and fj 45 frames similar ?
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    BJ42 To UZJ40 / UZJ42 Build thread Engine swap, Adapter plates, Electronics, etc.

    Looks very good BJ42. 🤩 Please share some more photos.
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    Builds 1964 FJ40 Diesel build, 5 speed, vw TDI, 35's....Lets not call it a restoration.

    Well, this looks very ugly. 🤮 The body should be at least 8” more back.
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    Need some help with measurements

    ”This issue”. What is your issue?
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Wow. In September. Here is about 5°C (40°F).
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    First diesel 40 series

    I would say 1974.
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    Is FJ Cruiser completely waterproof?

    No you can´t!!! There is e.g. ESP sensor mounted on the floorpan. And a lot of insulation material below the plastic floormat which suck water like loofah.
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    Speedo Correction

    What is your measuring technic?
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    Roll Bar With Long Jump Seats

    I think I’ll bend this kind of roll bar (attached). Thanks to someone Mud-member, I don’t remember which thread I found this.
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    79-84 body dimension, anyone topless now?

    Thanks, looks right.
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    79-84 body dimension, anyone topless now?

    How much should this distance to be? The quarter panel’s level surface to the top of the B-pillar? Exact please. Thank you! I forgot to measure before cutting the edge. :(
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    Oil is slow rising

    Normal if the oil is hot. Or if it’s blended too much (what your title is saying, oil level is rising?), oil is too thin and that’s why the pressure drops.
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    Fj45 factory tyre options

    Biggest is been 9.00-15-6PR = 33”.
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