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    Temp Control on Air Conditioner

    It appears that whatever I have the Temp set at when the vehicle is cranked is the only temp it will blow. So if its at 70 when I cut it off it will only blow at 70 the next time its cranked no matter how you adjust it, up or down. If I need hot defrost I must crank it and turn it up to "hot"...
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    Vehicle Options?

    Ha on the Jeep. That’s what I’ve heard. I have been on the 100 series forum for awhile now and while a great resource on that series and as with any forum sometimes it’s hard to find a unbiased opinion. Also, most people on there who are gearing up on a “epic overland journey” only end up a...
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    Builds Reef - 100 Series Land Cruiser Build

    Lookin good.
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    Vehicle Options?

    Hello, 06 470. It’s been a great vehicle and I’ve taken it on many 5 hour one way/ 300 mile trips to the Ozarks. It’s currently sits at 201,000 miles. But now my wander lust has grown and I want to start going on some farther expeditions. I’m thinking Utah/ Colorado/ Wyoming maybe even Canada...
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    High Water Mark Trail?

    Guys, I wanted to get some opinions on the High Water Mark Trail. I saw a mention or two on here (Cottonland) searching through some older threads. Any recent rips? I have a small group out of Vicksburg (3ea 470s) and we are trying to get a 3-4 day trip up. We are not looking for anything...
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    For Sale Mississippi: ‘97 40th Anniversary FZJ80

    Might have a 470 for sale over in Vicksburg. Any chance of a trade plus cash deal??
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    Builds Mallcrawlin' 100

    Any rubbing with that size tire? Had my heart on some 295s also but the 285/75 might be an good alternative.
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    295/70R18 on LX470

    I am also interested in this. I’ve seen where you can run the 295s with the 2.5” lift, but what about no lift like the OP asked or a 1.5” Lift.
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    Male Eletrical Connectors

    Does anyone have a Part Number for the Male Connector for a 90980-11019 Female?
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    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So a diagram of the plan- Hoping to build custom pigtails to retain all factory connection and harness. If I can’t find reasonably priced Male Conectors I can cut off the factory connectors and Straight Wire from the harness to the lights as a last resort. Blue will tie back into the factory...
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    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    My plan was/is to look at the Paranoid Fabricatoion brackets with the Baja Squadron Sports once I finalize the wiring. Anybody used the Paranoid Fab Brackets or have reviews in the Baja’s?
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    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So it looks like a CE2030M might be the ticket, BUT I can only find it for almost $80 each. That’s a little much when I can just cut the factory plug off and splice in the ARB pigtail. Any ideas on a lower cost option? Or a different manufacturer/ distributor?
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    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    Finding that companion connector would be awesome. I don’t have a Wiring Diagram, but will start the Ol Google Search. If anybody out there knows a part number I would appreciate the help.
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    ARB wiring on a 06-07 LX?

    So how about this- Drop the Red Fog Light Wire off the ARB Supplied Pig Tail and keep the Green Turn Signal. Then find a 2 wire connector that mates to the OEM Harness for the bare wire side of ARB pig tail. So then I wound have a nice and clean turn signal.
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