ZIEBART rust proofing - worth it?

Discussion in '40- & 55-Series Tech' started by actionslacks, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. actionslacks


    Northern Virginia
    My cruiser has minimal surface rust underneath and I am looking for a undercoating solution. Anyone have experience with ZIEBART? or suggestions. THANKS!

    They want to charge $250
  2. 1973Guppie

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    is the car taken apart? in my opinion any spray on rustproofing put on while the car is assembled would be a incomplete solution. To do it properly the vehicle should be taken apart, stripped, rust cut out and then painted with zerorust or other rust type of paint. Just spraybombing the underbody of a car with a paint will not solve rust problems and could increase them if the undercoating bubbles (not adhering) and traps water underneath.

  3. Poser

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    Save your money.
  4. Go to a local auto parts store. They have undercoating in a spray can. All Ziebart is doing is spraying that on there. Just do it yourself
  5. Gus

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    Ridgway, CO
    Oil undercoatings have worked very well for me over the years, they're messy but oil gets in every nook and cranny, get it done or do it yourself about once a year for a vehicle that gets driven a lot.
  6. dgangle

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    Growing up in the rustbelt and having several new and used cars Ziebarted, I can say it is probably better than nothing, but not much more. Save your money. Plus I was told anything newer than 93 or so uses galvanized steel body panels so it would be a complete waste of $$ IMO.

    I bought a new 4WD minitruck in '97 in OH. I drove it for 4 years and moved to Houston, TX for my job. The mechanic and service manager at the Toy dealer in Conroe asked me what the crap was sprayed all under it. It made working on things even that much more difficult. I sold it in '96 and still see the truck occasionally. It is a rusted POS. Still going though at some 200K miles.

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