M416 Axle Swap

Discussion in 'Trailer Tech' started by jrdobbs03, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. jrdobbs03


    Western Washington
    After allot of hunting around, I've decided to swap out my M416 axle so I can match my bolt pattern and go to electric brakes. I'm going to order from ABC trailer, I just need to know what width to go with. Since search has not been my friend, those of you with FJ80 what axle width on the trailer matches you track width. Thanks for the help. I'll post up picks once the build comes together. By the way I'm getting rid of the original axle, hubs, and Goodyear tube tires.
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  2. lx450landcruiser

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    I take it your the one on craigslist with the m416 axle for sale? We should meet up some time and talk trailers, I go to western too and Im working on my off road trailer as well. :beer:

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