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Glow plug relay

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech and 24 volts Systems' started by milevsky, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. milevsky

    milevsky Regular Member

    I have a 1983 hj47 w/2h diesel. I have replaced glow plugs and serviced injectors.
    The vehicle has a hard time starting cold. The glow light stays on for a brief 3 seconds. I feel that the glow plug relays are not functioning properly. where do I go to replace them. Help!:bounce2:
  2. watrob

    watrob SILVER Star

    Brisbane, Australia

    Check Ebay Australia, look for a Ebay Store by the name of Roodogs Spares. Do a search for FJ40 and look for listings from Roodogs.

    When you find him check out his store front or email him, He carries that stuff, I have bought $100's of dollars off him, he's oK, well known.
  3. ECMO4

    ECMO4 Regular Member

    Glow plug light doesn't stay on the whole time. I get 2-3 seconds of light, which seems to coincide witht the superglow time. The second relay doesn't click for about another 40-50 seconds depending on the temp outside. If you have a meter, check the bus bar to see if anything is getting through and then check the relays.

    Just went through this with mine and found the relays were fine but one of the wires to the bus bar was grounding out and had melted a connector. Now I just need some new plugs and she'll be good as new.
  4. Tapage

    Tapage Club 4X4 Panamá SILVER Star

    X2 in check with a V meter the V in the glow bar ( same bush bar ) and see what found there ..
  5. milevsky

    milevsky Regular Member

    Thank you I will look this weekend.

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