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Any tips on taking dash apart?

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by perk, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. perk

    perk New Member

    Redlands, CA
    I'm planning to go into my dash/steering column area to see if I can locate an annoying rattle/vibration. I've never taken a dash apart before and am a little concerned about breaking fragile plastic parts. I will follow the FSM, but thought there might be some helpful tips, and are taking these areas apart helpfull for installation of CDL switch?

  2. Romer

    Romer fatherofdaughterofromer Moderator

    Centennial, Colorado
    Remove the ash tray and remove the two screws behind it. Remove the cubby hole above radio and remove the two screws there. This will take the control section out above the radio. Thats as far as I have done.

    haven't taken anything farther apart, but that should get you started
  3. RavenTai

    RavenTai New Member

    Dixie co. Florida
    Only the bezel around the radio/AC controls need be loosened to install the CDL switch, the dash 80 is complicated I would not dive into it blind without a plan.

    Figure out about where the noise is even better if you can isolate it to a part, try applying pressure to the panels and parts with your hand and see if that stops it, would hate to be deep in the guts of the dash if a speaker grill was the rattle.
  4. semlin

    semlin rocker SILVER Star

    north of 49
    My 93 is fairly simple but I don't know about a 95. sleeoffroad has instructions on how to do this on their site. I think either under the CDL switch install or for the Uniden CB install.
  5. Safado

    Safado New Member

    had mine out for about 2.5 months....just everything hangin around until I got around to putting it back on. Follow the instrucions on Slee's site for everything that is on the right side of the steering wheel and then there's only one or two other obvious scews on the left of the steering wheel. Use the TILT to put the wheel all the way down and go for it. Really quite easy. Some of the controlls will pop out easily, and some of them must remain in the dash...like the dimmer and the mirror controll. But just disconnect them from the back.

    Good Luck.
  6. OZCAL

    OZCAL New Member

    Queensland and California
    All of the above, and move the gear shift levers all the way back before you start (to make room for the dash when you pull it back). Have lots of light.


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