windshield washer nozzle replacement

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I want to replace my windshield washer nozzles. I did a search, found some nozzles, but all seem to be for mounting on the hood. Is that what I need to do? Is there a way to replace them where they are or still on the cowl?

Last year one of mine had broken so I took a pair off an old toyota pickup at a junkyard that bolted right in where the originals were. These will stick up a bit more than the originals so you’d have to bend them back down a little bit.
Of course these still don’t give a nice “spray” if that’s what your looking for, it’s more like the stream from the originals.
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Well, it's not entirely a joke :D

I looked for replacements at one point - there were some mid-80s 4Runner that were still available from Toyota a few years ago but I never pulled the trigger on them. I just carry one of those above with the built in squirter and telescoping arm...

I also saw this thread from earlier last year (on a 100 series) ....


"Aftermarket" washer nozzles

I think @OSS may have posted on this, too... ?
It's easy to find nozzles, what I'm looking for is mounting options on a FJ60. But it sounds like I'll have to just figure it out.
I don't know of any that are a direct bolt on other than stock, which are discontinued, so yes, you'll prolly have to be the trail blazer.

I did look at mid-60s - 70s replacements for Camaro, Mustang, etc which are very similar, but never tried any... Plus, I wanted to find something that was a wide-spray, high-pressure replacement, not just a weak stream....

Examples below are from early Ford, GM ...



Post up results please, if you find something....
I'm looking at just drilling new holes for modern, surface mounted nozzles - I'm not sure where they go.
I'm guessing they have to go in the hood.
Yes, that's what I'm going to do, too, when I get around to removing the hood to install heat louvers...
I'd love to see what kind of louvers you're going to install.
Nothing too radical, just these, bought on ebay. Stainless. 5" That way I won't have to cut any of the structural ribs. Should vent plenty of heat.

IIRC @Dynosoar has some on his hood ?

are you going to paint them to match? Louvers down?
No, probably not. Maybe black. Louver opening toward windshield.
I'm looking at just drilling new holes for modern, surface mounted nozzles - I'm not sure where they go.
I'm guessing they have to go in the hood.
Most likely the case. Maybe about 3 or 4" forward of where the sheet metal dips back down on the rear of the hood. The good thing about the hood mounted sprayers that have the two nozzles in them is that you can aim each individual nozzle by inserting a sewing pin and moving it around.
Problem with replacing the stock ones with something else is that you will have to cut them into the hood itself instead of the cowl. Cowl piece is only removeable by cutting out. Not necessarily a huge issue but something to keep in mind as it is one more thing to disconnect should you need to remove the hood and you will need to ensure that the piping does not interfere with anything under the hood nor touch anything that may melt the hosing.

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