Who's got a GX470 and how do you like it?

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May 3, 2006
South, The Deep
The question is really focused on the early models -'03 & '04 maybe '05. I'm looking for a commuter vehicle to stop stacking up miles so fast on the 80 and have somewhat lower fuel consumption as well. Been looking for a Subaru Outback like I picked up for the daughter when she started Georgia Tech, but the thought of not being in something higher and truck like is nagging at me. While a GX isn't likely to be found on a fuel economy list, it's better than the 80 I'm guessing.

Inputs appreciated. Thanks
Ha! I had C drive one a few years back ... and then we got her an X5 instead; it was too truck-like for my Delta girl. Looking in the 120 forum section of MUD, I see that DNP has been posting several items on his 03. I need to find his number and call him; hopefully I have it around from when we got the LX450 from him for Mo.
Its a chick car.

On that note, my sister has one, and she loves it. I will say that I have spent many hours driving it, and the ride and build quality is no where near as nice as my 200; a lot more cabin noise, road noise, and going over bumps is a night and day difference.

They can be wheeled, but are not nearly as aftermarket-part friendly as a 100 or 200.
Was at SCC last year. https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/my-2003-gx470.527826/
looks like a lot of his photo links are broken.
Here's what his looks like
Hey! That's me! :p
My wife had an 06. I liked the engine but the MPG wasn't much better than my 100 and I wasn't that crazy about ride quality. My biggest worry is all is the electronics and extra stuff on it to go wrong like AHC. The repairs on things like rear climate control and air suspension get quite expensive.
I cut the AHC out and went to coils :)
So what you are saying, is that if you get a GX, completely rebuild the suspension and bypass the expensive AHC that you undoubtedly pay for when you pay the price to play with Lexus, and you buy larger tires, etc. it make a good wheeler? Huh, go figure.
I got mine for less than 17k with 97k miles and all the 100k service done years ago. They aren't that expensive. Less than most runners or TLCs of the same year. Suspension was cheap since the FJ/4R stuff bolts on aside from making some lower spring mounts in the back.

I could build one today for the same or less than an FJ or 4R. Plus I think they look better.
I can say I have never seen someone make ATRAC it's bitch like Dan did. He has a perfect truck.

The other winning thing is it is narrow rig and that wins in the trails.
I cut the AHC out and went to coils :)

And this isn't just a GX thing either. I did the same with my LX when I built it. The AHC is just an extra that you really don't pay for when you buy the Lexus used. In fact, I priced Land Cruisers vs. the Lexus and found the Lexus to be cheaper. AHC is just another moveable part to break offroad. I put an Ironman suspension on the LX and loved it.

@fountainhead now owns it (well, his wife does...it's the FlowerPower LX now).
Metal Tech is even making bolt on spring perches for the GX (they collaborated with ACC who designed Dan's rear axle perches). You have to call them, its not on their website.
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