Which winch switch?(w/pics)

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Sep 18, 2009
Crete Isl. Greece
I need in cab control for my winch.
I have an overhead console and there is where i 'll install the switches.
Which one would/did you go with?
#1.Almost 80$(installation kit included)

#2.Almost 25$(the two far left in the pic)

The 1st one does not cancel you handheld remote control but i don't really
know about the 2nd one...
Thank you.
I like the looks of #1, kind of 50s science-fictionish;p

But it is one big unit, so may not work with panels set up for individual switches without modifications.

#2 is subtle and low-key.

I am presuming there is nothing else different electrically between the two that's not obvious to the eye. I would guess that #2 could be wired to do what you want with overriding(?) the (I presume) wired remote. But really, how often would you use the corded control at the same time as you want to use the cab control?

BTW, where is #1 from?
You can wire any on off on switch as a in cab control. you can use a extenton cord and its three wires to run it from winch to cab. wire it to where the remote is wired and use both controls
Where did you find #1 switch? And what are the dimensions?

edit: nevermind, I should have read post #3 first. Thanks.
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