SOLD “We’re not in Kansas anymore” 70’s vanity plates

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Mar 26, 2015
Portland, ME
Whenever I get a new Cruiser I try and find a cool vanity plate to associate with it. I had a 67 FJ40 from Idaho, so I had the Idaho vanity plate ‘1967’. I just bought a 73 FJ40 that was sold new in Kansas, so I searched out the vanity plate ‘1973’. Thing is I had to buy the entire decade! So if you’re from Kansas, your Cruiser is from Kansas, or maybe you just love Kansas, I have the years pictured below.

$15 each shipped conus (my cost)

UPDATED: some plates have sold, see the photo

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Might post this up in the tornado alley cruisers clubhouse
4 plates remain
Did the guy above me take the 1970 plates?

Yes, sorry. Looks like we’re down to 1 plate left, it’s going to be 1975 or 1976. Lmk if interested in either, if not I’ll update the post. Thanks!
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All Sold!

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