Weird tub?

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Self-censoring my mud posts...
Oct 8, 2013
I have the oppurtunity to take a look at a '74 tomorrow. It looks real clean in the photos, but it's seven hours away.

What is the deal with this tub? No tailgate, and fuel filler in the rear.

Weird aftermarket?

Non-US model?

Custom body work. They completely removed the factory rear doors. Non-LC tire carrier.
I'm not sure I would drive 7 hours regardless of the rest of the vehicle.
I've never seen a tub with the filler back there (US or not). The work doesn't look terrible but I don't think I'd take a 14 hour round trip to investigate unless it's a smoking deal. what's up with the fuel filler door back there too? o_O
Likely a fuel tank was mounted under the bed. The filler door is probably above the fill inlet on the tank.
Yeah, the tub is weird.

I don't like the fact of not having a tailgate, and your replies have swayed me to keep looking locally.

No tail gate would be a pita even with the top off.
That one strange mod makes me wonder what other great ideas the builder came up with.
74 model had bucket seats. Those are 72 and some 71 model. I know other markets had bench seats past 72 but the small center section and roll bar doubt it came from any other market.
Tons of cruisers have relocated fuel cells and blank across the back. Though I don’t think the I’ve seen the filler in that particular spot. The most worrisome parts for me are the janky spare, the weird contraption welded up under the floor near the filler and the modified dash. There are some quality parts I can see as well, seats, running boards, straight looking metal a nice top with possible original struts. Bottom line if the seller doesn’t know what is going on with the body you should end there.
While the US never got them the FST FJ25 had a closed back option. Early advertisement show the tailgate as a option on the Jeep and standard on the FJ40. To me a closed back is not something I would want. With the long rear jump seats have room for four. All either have to climb over a folded front seat over over the back seat. Better off having a single forward facing seat in the rear with the fixed back. Anything can be undone but vehicle would need to be cheap enough to justify it. Have to remember having the spare closer to the center it has more leverage putting more strain on the tub.
I think opening the swing out to put gas in would get old fast.
I’d like to see more pictures, before I made any judgement. Not that mine would count

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