Water pump replacement help needed

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Dec 5, 2016
I am in the middle of trying to replace my water pump in a FJ62. I have gotten down to trying to pull the pump off the engine. All the nuts and studs are removed, but I can not get the hoses off the pump. The clamps are loose, but they are not budging. I assume they are just stuck, anyone have any advice to getting them unstuck without cutting them off? I did not get any new hoses (probably should have) so would like to save the hoses.
Try a channel lock pliers gripping the hose and rotate , not pull on the hose, to break it free from the pipes.
I use the second one from the top in this picture to break the bond between the inside of the hose and the piece where it is clamped. Sometimes you can get a screwdriver in there to do it as well. Break the seal and they should twist right off.

Well, I have gotten the top 2 hoses off,, but am completely stuck on the lower 2. Nothing I have tried has budged them at all, and the larger, left side is just to hard to get to behind the PS pump and idler pulley bracket.
Where it stands now, I have taken off the shroud, fan, fan clutch, belts, and idler pulleys. I can't figure out how to take the PS pump off to allow better access to the left side hose, and I can not seem to loosen the right side lower house at all. At thi point, If I can get the hoses loosened/off, I am not sure I could get everything back in the proper way! Brain fry is setting in. Before I have this thing towed into a shop with my tail tucked, is there anyone in Atlanta that would be willing to give me a hand? Name your fee!
utility knife, as I usually change the hoses at the same time.
sometimes you can inject some CLRust cleaner under an edge, and get a little slack so the channel locks have some movement.

When you put it back together, you should wrap all the attachment points with teflon pipe tape. seems to help keep down the pitting too.
After clean up all the pipes w/ fine sand paper and wd40 to derust and smooth the pitting.
Vice grip might be the way to go over channel lockers. Clamp on the hose then tap it w/ a hammer, sand mallet, whatever to break the corrosion of coolant to metal rust. PB sprayed at the edge of the hose or even ATF might break the seal.
And when it comes to reassembly this is when you put your phones camera to its best work. Lots of photos before you pull stuff apart. And drop stuff in individual boxes and line it all up w/ tags and notes. If I can do it, you can too.
Just replaced my water pump 2 weeks ago. Took a little prying around the edge of the pipe to get it off. As recommended a hook tool or utility knife is the trick.
I bent a large nail to form a 90 & clamped it in a vise grip and worked it around the hose. Eventually, had to put a 2nd slight bend to get on the "back" side of the fitting. Seemed to break it loose.

Split your shroud while you are in there! It helps every time you have to work in that area.
I still replaced all the hoses, just needed to get the loose with the nail.
did mine and the rad on the HJ60 a while back, the hoses were a bitch but I figured it took so much effort getting them off I couldn't guarantee they weren't damaged so I replaced them. Bite the bullet and change them.
Well, I took the rest of the afternoon off from the truck. Will get back out there this afternoon and see what I can do. I think if I can get either the PS pump or the idler pulley bracket out of the way, I will be able to get a better grip on the lower hose. Fingers crossed.
Thanks for the encouragement.
now is the time to consider replacing various hoses that feed the water pump or in the cooling system in general.....especially if you don't know when they were replaced last. Sometimes you have to resort to cutting hoses off since they at times get "cooked" on the radiaor or water pump...etc and you end up either cutting them or having to damage them to get them off the engine...
you're not going to want to get back in there for a while...get yourself some hoses and clamps now before putting it back together...
Yeah, I know you are right. Now checking to see if anyone in town has the hoses and clamps or if I will have to order them.
Call me lazy or cheap or wise but just take the lot to a napa and see what they have that comes close. Unless it has a funky bend in it, it doesn't have to be oem, unless that's how you want it and your wallet is extra fat. The double ring toyota style clamps are nice... I have a slew of them as with the spring clamps too... I could hook you up depending on the size; I have both 1/2" and 5/8". If you go the worm gear type buy the ones that are a double layer so they don't eat into the hose... totally blanking on the true name. @OSS, help me out here, I mistakenly didn't save that link you'd sent me.
doubt you'll find too much at the local parts store.

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