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Mar 24, 2016
'72, runs, has a title, the rust is obvious. Looking for a long term project but it's in far worse shape than my last '72. What do y'all think it's worth?





A little of both, floors and kick panels under doors are deep/rusted through in areas. Most everything else is surface. She's definitely a rough example IMHO.
Value is in the eye of the beholder... Not sure you can buy it cheap enough to justify building a big project but from the few pics its very hard to tell rust and mechanical condition. Don't know worth but id guess between 1500 and 4000 vastly varying with actual condition. Might even bring more.
It looks like there are some useable parts of value. 4spd?? winch, doors top. ITs worth something decent in parts
Plus the infamous bezel foul
Looks like it's a pass on this one then.
what are they asking for it

No price, accepting offers. I was thinking $5K at first but now I am thinking that's far too much given it's condition.
Thats gonna take some good welding skills. For a long term project it looks pretty complete. I would not go over $2,000 for it going to have a lot of cash and hours into it when complete.
No price, accepting offers. I was thinking $5K at first but now I am thinking that's far too much given it's condition.
Could be worth that but going to have to have a lot more info. Is it surface rust or holes all the way through. frame condition. Upgrades. Is it still drum brakes. But if your asking is it worth 5k based on the pics and limited info id say no
If its running and you can drive around in it then it will disappear quickly at 2k.
It does run.
Take the winch off , replace wheels and tires with something that doesn't hold air, remove top and doors and out it for sale at 1500 and it would probably head off to a new owner.
It's mostly original.
It runs and drives.

It's pretty rusty.
Bezel is upside down.

If the frame is in good shape and this was for sale in the 5k range, I would snatch it up.
Im always excited when you look under the hood and all the parts are the same color.

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