For Sale TRD Supercharger for FZJ80 PTR29-60097 (1 Viewer)

Nov 20, 2014

Hello guys!!!

So i have the oportunity to buy a TRD Supercharger for FZJ80 PTR29-60097.

as many know this is discontinued so its hard to get to.

it comes complete with all parts, its used and in very good condition.

Thing is its attached to an 1FZ engine that i woyld also have to buy to get the supercharger. and I already have a Supercharger on my 80 so i have no need for either. so im just trying to help if some one wants the suepercharger.

to be very very clear. Im Colombian and the Supercharger and engine are in Colombia (this is why im not even letting people buy the engine, just the sueprcharger)

I will be traveling to the USA in February and can take it with me and then ship it.

So i just wanted to know if someone is interested.

will be posting pictures tomorrow that i go back to the engine.

Asking price is $6.000 USD

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