Tire life?

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Aug 8, 2004
Gig Harbor, WA
What tires last the longest when used as a weekend warrior and daily driver? TSL Radial, IROK Radial, the new DOT approved BFG Krawler, etc. Looking for something very aggressive that will last a while on the road.
not the TSL from my truck, they work great but the 8k of freeway driving i put on them going to the trail last year killed them.
I'm thinkin LTB's might be the best for that, but I don't have any personal experience with them. It seems to be the choice of a lot of people who want more than a regular MT but see a lot of street time.
Put together another set...BFGs for everyday, and save the LTBs for the trail.

Have your cake and eat it too :D
Ltbs will not last long at all. Go with the goodyear mtr or the toyo open country. Both excellent tires.
My friend put about 15k on a set of 36x14.5 PJ Dirt Grips, and they still looked like brand new. That was under an F-350. They're not very aggressive, and I don't think they work all that well off-road, though.
From my experience, buy two sets of tires if you are worried about tread life. I have a set of 35" SSR's and only have about 3000 miles on them, and they have worn quite a bit. I just rotated them the other day (I have 5 and rotated the spare in) and I was shocked to see I had already lost between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch.

So in summation... If you are worried about tread life, buy a much more road worthy radial.
I was originally thinkin 35" BFG MT's, but, after new perches for the spoa, longer shackles and spring flip, I think 35's will be too small. Its sitting on 31" tires right now and its 41.5 inches from the ground to the wheel well. Its sounding like there is no happy medium. BFG's are great for street, but not so great for wheelin. And the TSL Radials kick ass offroad, but they dont last very long on the street. Back where i started. I dont want to change my wheels/tires every weekend to go wheelin, PITA.

IAN ROGERS- You only got 8k miles on a set of TSL radials or TSL Bias?
I've got over 10,000 on my boggers with plenty of tread left. I should get 20-25k out of them, which is not too bad for an aggressive mud tire.

The problem with offroad tires is your tread wears to the point of uselessness offroad, while there's still enough to be usable onroad. You end up changing tires to get the offroad grip back, even though the tires aren't really worn out.

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