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May 28, 2005
filled up today. first time since 3/25. 14.16 gallons and i drove exactly (odometer) 250 miles. thats close to 18 mpg right.

this is a 75/40 with stock everything (tires are 30) except for the engine. when i bought it it had a way bad 305 in it. with a lot of donated parts (.o30 over 350 block and pistons, anotherguys crank, original heads, and a few summit parts- cam, lifters chain, etc.) anyway you get the idea- aghetto rebuild.

i have done a number of these- amateur only -over the last 30 years and this is just as nice. anyway tickled at the mileage.

thats nice thats about what a nice carbed 305 should get. I have one in my maro and it gets about 14-15mpg only because its a slightly heavier car and and its not fine tuned or anything. its an old engine.

I really enjoy seeing people getting all this great gas mileage latley! great:cheers:
not sure what I get. I guess it doesn't matter I'm gonna drive it regardless.
What carb are you using?

I'm gettin 8-10 on a good day with a edelbrock POS on a good 305 rebuild

Your not running EFI?
the carb is a used edelbrock that i picked up off craigs list. looks almost new, but don't know if it hs been messed with. this is a 350 w/305 heads and am running 12 degrees initial timing on reg. no knocks.! jim

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