The Camp Kitchen Pic Thread

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These kitchen setup systems are all well and good for the family type camping and outings. I believe the originator of this thread was looking for the system you guys used, yea I saw the ones that were listed and they are NICE, but would really like to see how yall set up your system. Sink to fridge, paper towel layout, beans to bacon. Thanks
I had the Cabela's was seriously sweet...lots of room (although I didn't use the underneath green carriers) and easy to set up and use.

The only down side was the weight...but it was made strongly and well worth the 99$ sale price I paid. Then can be had on CL for cheap.

The Coleman one (5th pic) has a game table on the top when closed...pretty cool!

My current favorite is the one on the ROAM..lots of counter (8'), 2 shelves, sink, running water, and 3 burner stove
This is my old one, a Cabelas.


This is my new one TitanPat built for me fall of 2010.
Did not get to use it last summer 2011 due to a leg injury, but will be getting out before to long to use it this year.


Wtf is that, and wtf is that blue stuff coming out of the tap, Gatorade? "It's got what people crave, Electrolytes!"


I would like to know what it is. An enclosed grill and sink?
Not the best angle; but I have an REI Table. I wouldn't get it at full price almost 150; but waited until they had 30% off and used my REI dividend. Similiar to the Cabelas; but not as heavy duty or heavy, lol. It's the last one in the OP set of pictures. The only thing I don't like is that if I use the regular camping mini propane cylinders the red wind guard doesn't fit over the fuel inlet. I got a large cylinder propane adapter and it works great!


Also have a ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table. Folds up very small and decently sturdy.

Wtf is that, and wtf is that blue stuff coming out of the tap, Gatorade? "It's got what people crave, Electrolytes!"

nanoo nanoo
Beautiful box and stove setup Corey. You build this yourself? Really nice
No, Titanpat in this thread built it for me from some plans that a guy designed who posts over on Expo's site.

Box also has a towel and paper towel setup on it too.

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