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Best suspension for a Land Cruiser 1997

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Feb 7, 2015
Hi Im new to the forum.
I will like to get opinions on suspension. Im planning to buy a 1997 Land Cruiser and I want to perform some changes to it. I will start first with the suspension so I will like to get some input on what the best options. I m looking for something very smooth when you are offroading. I have seing different options like:
a- Regular shocks
b- Springs over axels
c- Air suspension etc.

I being offroading with only stuck trucks never had the chance to perform modifications to the ones that I own but now I want to get one and do the custom work that I want.

Thanks for all the help that you guys can provide

Pura Vida

The 80 series is a coil spring vehicle so "Spring Over Axle" doesn't apply to us. That is for trucks with leaf Springs that go under the axle and people put them on top to gain lift and clearance.

The suspension choices you have are new coil Springs. These come in different Heights and different spring rates. Really you need to decide on your use and tire size before you choose Springs.

Then you have many different choices of shocks, this is determined by your spring height and your budget.

Air suspension in my opinion should only be used as a helper when towing.
The "FAQ" sticky post in this forum covers some suspension basics. The most popular lifts seem to be 2.5", and the options are related to how much weight you add to your truck (bumpers, sliders, tools, racks, etc.) that the springs will support while still being 2.5" higher than stock. If you go higher, you can clear bigger tires, but the expense goes up when you have to start correcting driveline issues, steering, swaybars, etc. You can fit 33" tires without any lift, and the stock suspension on an 80 flexes better than many rigs with aftermarket suspension. The stock ride is also very pleasant on the road.
All i wanna say is, bags are for groceries. and maybe for compensating for heavy loads.
Bribri I'm assuming you are Tico?

Or is your first name really Pura??

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