SOA Driveshaft length

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Feb 25, 2007
Nakusp, BC - in the west Kootenays
I'm sorry if there is already a thread about this, I couldn't find it.
I just lifted the front of my '83 BJ42 off the ground by the front bumper so the wheels were hanging on the springs and the front driveshaft almost separated. I read a post on here somewhere about someone hitting a bump at speed and wrecking a lot of stuff when his driveshaft separated and dug into the ground and thrashed around.

As a temporary fix until you can get the driveshaft lengthened, mount it so the slipjoint is up near the TC. This way if it separates it will drag on the ground instead of digging in. Of course, since it is rotating it may still thrash around some.

My '79 has had the slipjoints mounted up for the last 20+ years and about 300,000 km with no adverse effects.
A better temporary fix would be a limiting strap, to prevent the suspension from traveling far enough to allow seperation at all.
I thought the slip joint was supposed to go towards the TC?

Do you have a shackle reversal? If so then you need a longer slip in the shaft than without.

Are you talking about a spring flip or just a shackle reversal? Wouldn't think just an SR would change the need for slip that much, but then what do I know?:confused:
Yeah, I have a shackle reversal as well as SOR, as far as I can see by looking at both my BJ40 and BJ42 the front axle is about 2" ahead of stock position. I looked in my Owner's Manual and it indicates that the slip joints go on the TC end of the driveshaft. Like numtel says, I'm sure it doesn't really matter.
if you are worried about it seperating why not remove it completly till you get it fixed?

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