Sniper Manifold Adapter for the 2F

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Sep 19, 2007
Colo Spgs Colorado
We have finally finished months of R$D for the Holley Sniper to adapt to our beloved 2F's! This is our Holley Sniper to 2F manifold adapter. They are in stock and ready to go! We have 7 left from our first batch. These are made from 6061 Aluminum, anodized and come with the correct metric hardware for a easy install.
Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! - Justin


LINKS (updated Aug 2021):
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Ad says for 2F's. Will it work on the F & F.5? And if it does, are the bolts long enough to be used with the stock carb insulator?
Linky no worky...
Also your Parts link just goes to a page saying you have lots of parts on your website...
I believe it’s all call to order now. To much fraud online..
But, they posted a link to a supposed part, that goes nowhere.
That is one way to prevent fraud, I guess.
The link was working before. I ordered one online 6/27 and then on the 7/1 the site wasn't functioning properly. I guess you can phone order but now you can't see it or the price. Delivery is due on the 7/9. I'll post some pics if Justin doesn't or if he gets the site back up.
Here's a pic I downloaded from the site while it was still up. It was $239 and I wasn't charged shipping. Pricey but it's the best looking adapter I've seen yet. I had already got the Mr Gasket plate adapter that needs the bolt holes elongated plus the throat holes don't really match up completely. So I bought a one inch thick piece of aluminum stock, a 1-5/8" hole saw, some flapper wheels and a 7/16" end mill and I was going to fab up my own. I was still waiting on deliveries when I ran across this one. Wish I'd seen it sooner. I'm really curious about the shape and size of the two holes. The info that "Was" on the site made it sound like they weren't just two straight holes. . I'm guessing there's some kind of taper or angle to make a smooth transition. We'll know on Tuesday.

RedLine Adapt 2.jpg

RedLine Adapt.jpg
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OK, the adapter arrived this afternoon. Looks real nice. As I guessed, the throat holes are tapered to make a smooth transition.

Redline Adapter 01.jpg
Update for every one.! I am in the midst of a new web site. so until that gets done. If you all need to order or have any questions give us a ring. Steamer, I am happy you like it! We have air cleaner adapters in stock as well as our CNC bent 3/8" fuel line set in stock as well. Plus tidbits to complete the swap easily!

Great looking product! I wish I had stumbled upon it earlier in my build.

Do you still have some manifold adapters in stock?
Very pleased with the adapter. It's really nicely machined. I wanted to utilize an insulator so I bolted the Redline adapter to my manifold and used a Holley style insulator between this adapter and the Sniper. It raises the Sniper up higher so the stock air filter won't work but I'm just using a generic air filter.
There's pic on my install thread "HERE"

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