snapped bolt on pushrod(side) cover

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Jun 16, 2019
Just kill me now, after spending an hour scraping old gasket off the side cover, wasn't thinking and torqued the s*** out of this bolt and snapped it right off. These are 35 inch lb bolts which I realize now is nearly nothing.

Luckily it's near the front and accessible. If it was the rear-lower one I think i'd have to pull the whole engine to reach it...

Going to try the old center punch then screw extractor while I wait on a new gasket. Even though it's in the front, it's still a horrible angle to try to work the center punch+extractor.

Any tips or words of encouragement are appreciated.
Maybe try to run with it still broken...see if it leaks or not.
I started stock left handed drill bits in my garage. If the bolt is fresh like yours is then the drill rotating left while drilling it usually unscrews itself. I have more success with this than screw extractors which take a bit more patience and care.

Be happy the bolt is fresh and not rusted in place.
I think you are lucky. (Randy beat me to the reason why--you just had the bolt out). If there is anything to grip onto you might be able to back it out with vice grips or pliers. If the break is uneven you might be able to twist the bold with a chisel or screw driver. or dremel a notch in the end and use a flat head screw driver. You shouldn't have to apply much effort to get it out
not sure what tools you have on hand but you could take the stock cover and make a jig plate based on the hole spacing. something you can bolt on using the nearbye holes and then have a guide bore to help drill into and keep centered. I'd get a couple left hand drill bits as they both drill a hole and will likely spin whats left of the bolt out. Some people weld a piece to the end of the broken bolt that can be used to spin it free.
1. Assuming you have bolt sticking out beyond the block, you can file two opposite sides and try turning it with a small wrench or vice grips.

2. you can cut a small slit in the center of the broken bolt with a dremel cutting wheel and try turning it with a flathead screwdriver.

3. as mentioned above left hand drill bits and extractors

4. Using a sharp punch and hammer, angle the punch into the edge of the broken bolt and try driving it around counter clockwise to move it.

5. Heat the bolt with a torch until it's cherry red and try turning it with any of the above methods. Consider what the heat will do to internal components before attempting this.

6. Drill a smaller hole into the existing bolt and tap/cut threads into the new hole. Then use a small bolt in the tapped hole instead of removing the larger frozen bolt.

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