For Sale Single Seat SXOR Buggy

United States

2005 SXOR Chassis Buggy 1.5 x .120 wall DOM

109" Wheelbase, 75" wide, 66" to the top of cage, 19" to the belly

Prior owner was 6'2" 200# I am 5' 8" and 180. Very comfortable.

302 V8 MPI, (new gaskets, seals, plugs, wires, hoses, belt)

Tru Cool 3 core Radiator with Taurus Fan, Heat Sink Coolers for P/S and Tranny

C6 Automatic Tranny, B&M shifter with free gates from 1st to Reverse. Reverse automatic valvebody, new Amsoil Fluid and filter, shifts excellent

NP205 with Atlas Twin Sticks

39" Sticky Krawlers 98% tread on HD TrailReady Wheels, 8-lug

Dana 60 Front Chromoly Yukon 35 spline shafts, Welded, Full Hydro, 5.13's, Aluminum Tie Rod with new 3/4 QA1 heims

New Spyder 9, SF with Ballistic flanges, Chromo Dutchman 35 spline custom axles, Full Spool, New Strange 3rd with 5.14's, Wilwood discs. 3 Link front with New Branik 1 1/2" polished aluminum draglink and new heims. Polished Summit Links, new QA1 Heims on the lowers.

New Rear 4-Link with Branik 2" Polished Aluminum lower links and 7/8 QA1 heims, Upper links are Polished

Willwood Twin Cylinder Master, CNC Cutting brake for rear

New Warn 4500 Winch with 60' of Amsteel Blue rope for suckdown and recovery, In-Cab controller

5 Point Harness

16 inch SwayAway 2.0 RaceRunner Air Shocks

Odyssey 925 battery

KC Rock Lights

New Aluminum Fire Extinguisher

18" VisonX dual row LED Light bar ($800)

Polyperformance Baja Rack for huge amount of storage, spares, cooler

Narrowed SXOR Hood with wicked new paint job, Lexan skins with Dzus tab attachment points

New Aluminum 9 gallon Fuel Cell with ball valves

Joe's Racing Master Power Switch and Removable Key




PRICE $25,000

I have plenty of vehicles so I am not interested in trades unless it is an FJ-40 Land Cruiser or D90 Rover.

I will credit the buyer $1500 if they don't want the tires and $500 if they don't want the VisonX light bar.

I don't need the money and I have a job so no low-ball offers please. I am planning on WHEELING this buggy until it sells. The pictures I have of it are after a near-complete tear down and rebuild. All pictures are current condition.

Buggy is super clean, it runs great, and it really works well. Tons of fun to drive with unmatched visibility. Very comfortable to drive unlike most buggies like this.


Click the ABOVE link for all the pictures I took during my first trip out at K2 and all the pictures from the tear-down and rebuild.
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Mar 8, 2005
Well darn, I was going to offer you my Smart ForTwo in trade.

Nice looking buggy, good luck with the sale.
Sep 16, 2008
Foxfab, that FJ25 is so friggin' sexy...
Aug 23, 2004
Carolina, RI
Ya, it'd be hard to part with it and I'm still on the fence about it. But I'm into the build more than just driving it. She came out of winter storage today. I put the soft top back on and the PTO winch is almost ready to be bolted on with an original front bumper.

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