Simple question to start out with.

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Sep 21, 2020
Pocatello, Idaho
Hi! This is my first post on any forum but I think I've picked a good one as I've been reading post that came up from searches.
I have a 73 FJ40 that was V8 converted when I got it many years ago, 327 chev with a plate type adapter between the bellhousing and Toyota 3 speed this plate is also used to bolt plates to that are rear motor/trans mounts (not fond of this).
So after many years of nonuse, one new motor, 283 with a 327 crank, and two blown first gears (did I mention that I have twin boys that drove it to school), I have started the rebuild of this great rig!!
So now for the first question, I'm not sure how correct the conversion was completed because when I replace the motor I spotted things that looked shoddy but the conversion plates all look like they are well made, some of the home made stuff looks pretty poor!
Oh yea the question, I read in one of the threads a few months back about a Downey conversion manual, Googled it, nope.
Sure would like to get any kind of copy of it so I could learn from others and cleanup the issues on my rig as I go thru this rebuild.
Don't get me wrong I have already picked up some great ideas from the threads that I have read and plan to use some of them just would be nice to have something to check what's been done.
Thanks for your help.
Welcome to Mud! Idaho is a great state. And 73 is a great year of FJ40.
Welcome to Mud. I also have a ‘73 with a 327 V8. A converted 40 is a bit of a mystery. Post some pics
Thank you Slapshot and AntFarm I'm happy to find this great place to get outstanding info, I will try not to bother any of the guys on this forum to much as I move along on this journey. I have attached a few of the pictures that I have taken in the last few days, I'm ashamed at the condition of this old friend that I've had for about 20 years! but that all about to change!! as you can see it needs a lot of cleanup and rebuilding. It had kind of a rough life for a bit with twin boys driving it to school and god knows where else but it always got them home!
Yes Byron I do need to learn a lot! but I did find the Downey manual. Oh by the way, don't know why but, your link kept go to an unknow page!
You cant see the back motor/trans mounts but they are hooked to and adapter plate between the bellhousing and the trans. I have read a few short comment about this setup but I don't like it at all as it leaves the trans, t case and drive shafts hanging from there! Don't know who made so not even sure it installed correctly! I'm looking at the AA rear mount to replace this. With the motor mount clear at the front of the motor maybe I will just use all three?

fj40 1.jpg

fj40 4.jpg

fy40 3.jpg

fy40 6.jpg
I have a 350/SM465 in my 73 and I’m happy with it. It’s a little over matched above 65mph+, but up to there it’s a good stout transmission. The low gear is great offroad. The AA transfer case mount is workable( I have one), but does have some drawbacks. It’s one more thing to mess with if you have to service the transfer case. The biggest concern I hear is the brittleness of the original case.
I’m two hours north of you. Once you get this together give me shout and we can take them out. I’ve heard there’s some crawling in Blackfoot.
We probably need to see pics of your rear mount. I can tell from your pics that you are running a really old cradle style front motor mount which bolts to the front of the engine and rests on the stk 40 frame engine mounts. That set up is rarely used anymore. The more common aftermarket motor mounts bolt to the blk in GM's stk location, and then brackets/gussets are welded to the frame for the advanced adapters style mounts to set on.
Okie Dokie, I'm here. You can find the Downey V8 installation instruction manual here on Mud in the Downey Off Road link, or you can send me your snail mail address for a freebie copy- - -easy deal.

I just sent you a gee whiz private message- - -cheers.
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If memory is correct, stock mounting of the F/2F is near the front of the motor and on the "bell housing", with the transmission, transfer case, etc, all hanging off the back of that. So, your setup might not be too different than stock design from Toyota?
I have seen V8 conversions that added a mount on the back of the transfer case. Putting a plate (cut to fit) between the case and a round cover off the back of it (PTO?), and welding something on the ends of that plate that can be bolted to the frame. The one setup like this I saw was very much home made (and very crudely). By the time I got it, the engine and bell housing was gone, can only assume the only other thing holding everything in was motor mounts welded on to the frame near the front of the engine.

Well guys here is a quick update so far! trans and t case are ready to go in when I get the frame done! I picked up new motor mounts and t case mount from Jim (Downey). Now to rebuild the axles (new seals, bearing, new brakes and parts, new shocks, spring bushings, etc.) and paint! Still need to find a new gas tank as the one that was in it has a rust hole or two in the bottom and I'm still debating power steering! I picked up a Chevy steering box and pump but its a 3 turn lock to lock and I've read that may not be the best? price was free $ so not out anything yet.
Steering column is all rebuilt and so is the heater and blower, their ready to go then the body is done.
Oh and yes it now back on the jack stands was using the floor jack to move the frame a bit to get more working room!
you should be ok with the 3 turn box, just use a shorter pitman arm so that the steering gets a bit lazier.
If you are not going to wheel it with big tires the mini truck PS conversion is pretty nice. The GM box does eliminate some linkage but my truck doesn't wander at all with the MT PS. Are front disc breaks on you list? I did ps and front discs on my 73 as the first mods, I drove it most every day to work, pre lock down anyway.

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