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Sep 24, 2006
Sheridan, Wyoming
Hi all,

I just bought an 72 fj40 and want to replace the suspension shackles. I was told that it is a 2.5" lift. The current shackles measure approx 2.5" center of bolt to center of bolt. Any suggestions as to replacements without adding any more height? Thanks very much in advance.

either make some that are 2.5" center of bolt to center of bolt or buy some that are center of bolt to center of bolt. replacements without adding any more height

ok, next thing is where to buy from? I have checked with JT, MAF etc and they all seem to have ones that measure approx 4" center to center. I think they say it will lift it an additional 1" if you use these. Thanks.

I cant answer your question but I do have this bit of knowledge to offer.

I had stock shackles on the rear of my 77 Fj40. They measured 2.75inches CtoC. I swapped the outer plates for some that were 4.25 CtoC and the rear end in effect lifted just over 2 inches. Just throwing this out so that you can see that increasing the CtoC by 1.5inches in my application resulted in lifting the rear a tad over 2inches.

Of note, I am running HFS 4" lift springs and had to change the shackles to longer so that I had proper angle.

So why do you want to change them?

They appear to be home-made and it seems to me they were made square at the tops and right now they are not sitting vertical. Because they are at an angle they appear to rub on the frame. I was looking for something that possibly had the tops rounded. If I went with ones from MAF that only increased overall height by 1" would I have to fiddle with anything else for driveline angle etc? Thanks.

just a note:- unless the springs are inverted you dont want the shackles to be vertical. They should sit at about 45deg. couldn't you just round off the existing ones?

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