Selling my 80???

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Apr 4, 2013
Blue Ridge Mountains, VA
So here's the list:

93 FZJ 80 with a semi float rear and no ABS.

Since I've owned it--a little over a year
new Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/75r16
headgasket done
rebuilt front axle
new master cylinder and recently front pads
all new coolant hoses including phh and bypassed rear heater
new ignition coil

PO did:
OME J springs in front and mediums in rear, don't know what the shocks are...
deleted egr
he's got a list somewhere on here...

Anyway, the truck runs really well and the body is in very good shape--a few spots with surface rust and very few dings. AC does not work, needs more brake work--prob calipers, rotors, brake lines--nothing dangerous, it's just time to do it. The interior was pretty well taken care--now a bit dirty :) but in good shape over all. Cloth seats--brown.

Anyway, I love it. But--my wife and I just had our first kiddo--baby boy--she's not real comfortable driving the truck but it runs better than her

Then a guy offers to buy it from me...he's taking a look at it this weekend...I have no idea what I'm comfortable selling it at...cuz I don't really want to sell it...

Anyway, long story...thoughts on pricing anyone?
Is that a va tag? Miles?

4500 +/- a few is my guess but what are you going to buy for that to replace it?
If that's the case, it won't be selling at all. To be clear--the brakes work, that's just next on my list. You really think that low? That's terrible b/c I paid more than that for it in worse shape... :(

You're breaking my heart Beno.
Nothing personal. That's what I would pay for what you have. Someone might pay more. I'm just giving you a data point.

On an 80 series you are at a significant disadvantage with out a FF rear/discs/ABS and which means you have no rear locker nor do you have a VC in the transfer case.

I'd give $50 extra on the truck because you put a CDan sticker on your review mirror, cool?
I think you should put it up for $4500 like jfz80 said - no way would I sell it for less than $3500 (if I didn't have to) after all the money you put into it. Thats in line with the other asking prices on craigslist. Selling on here will be tough because everyone thinks they need lockers and a full float rear. Most average car buyers don't care. It would make a great safe and "cool" high-schooler vehicle. Or just keep it as your beater.

I think it's a great looking truck, but then again I made all the "aesthetic" mods to it (including the CDan sticker)... If it makes you feel any better I lost a pant-load of money when I sold it to you. I think that's just the way it goes. I regretted selling it the day you left with it and continued to do so until I bought another one.

Haha. No hurt feelings. Good eye regarding the sticker. CDan tracked down the master cylinder for me...the closest one was in Canada!

Data point is exactly what I'm looking for. Just hard to even sell something that I've put so much into. What can I say? I'm emotionally attached...
Yeah, Brian it certainly is the way it goes. :) I'll see what this guy says and report back. May just see if I can't keep it around another 16 years for the little guy!!:steer:
keep it - have the wife drive it on some mild trails so she gets more comfortable - it's the perfect kid hauler
I didn't do the wheels, but I want to say it was a rustoleum gunmetal color? I think that's what the PO told me.
Show your wife some of the accident threads on here, and then have the decision made that way...
I'm with Beno on this one, I'd say $2k-$3k if you can find the right buyer...
Gonna be tough with the no ABS, SF rear to get top dollar, plus the clearcoat peeling, no fender flares, brake issues.

$2K max.
Beno Is right, I would have to start over that would be cost prohibitive. Good luck

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