Seeking A Textured Paint

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Apr 9, 2013
I'm looking for a rattle can paint to spray my fender flares matte black. I'd like the final finish to have some texture to it, but I'm not interested in Monstaliner.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
Follow the instructions, spray heavy, and hit with a heat gun. It will wrinkle beautifully right before your eyes.

I've bad the Rustoleum truck bed liner (Rattle can version) on my fender flares now for ~5 years. It is great. Kinda like a very fine sand paper finish I suppose.
I’ve used the Rust-oleum bed liner spray on bumpers, sliders, and skid plates. Holds up really well and is super easy to touch up if needed. Thought about using it on the flares but never got around to it.

It gives a nice smooth texture finish, probably like the old Weider weight bench stashed in the corner somewhere.

Here’s a picture from when I did the sliders on my Tacoma.
Thanks for the replies, guys, I appreciate it. I think I'll try out that Rust-Oleum product. That looks like a winner.
And I'm tired of @Box Rocket posting photos of his rig - makes me jealous every time. ;)

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