Second Gear Start (Marlins)

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Jan 19, 2006
Tulsa, OK
This is somewhat of an ignorant question in which I think I already know the answer to. I'm assuming that shifting into low (transmission) will completely override the second gear start, even if you shift up through the gears? In other words, when I'm on the trail I guess I could leave the SGS engaged all the time since I use low on almost anything that has an incline. I catch myself wanting to switch it off on steep climbs or descents. Somebody clarify.
The SGS function only works when you have the sift lever in second or drive. You can pull the shift lever down into first any ( to override the SGS) time you want, regardless of whether you have the SGS button pushed or not. Many of us around here use the SGS a lot on the trail to get away from the huge jump between the first and second gear start. Unless we are on a really hard incline, we don't need first gear when in low range anyway. John

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